GOG 2019: Good Games Old and New

…and Descent-series games, and X-series games, in fact a whole raft of great stuff. Mostly Interplay, but not exclusively.

Rise of Legends. WTF is taking so long, particularly since we have Rise of Nations available for download. The only way to buy Rise of Legends legally is to buy a used CD on Amazon or eBay for $25 or more.

I remember several years ago I was listening to a podcast (Three Moves Ahead perhaps around 2013) and they mentioned how several strategy classics were only available on CDs secondhand. Around then I purchased Age of Mythology, Rise of Nations, Rise of Legends, and several others on disc.

Nearly everything i purchased then has subsequently been released digitally as an enhanced, remaster, or definitive edition…except for Rise of Legends. Not sure why, it hasn’t happened yet, but its the one I’m pulling for.

Strategic Command series is now on GOG.

What’s doubly frustrating is unless those discs are patched Rise of Legends runs like garbage, and the online updater is not there so I don’t think you can even patch it to the latest version. I ran into that the last time I tried to play it awhile back.

I made a backup copy of the patched Rise of Legends back when the server worked. If GOG ever needs it, I can find it. ;)

Wow, I had forgotten about that game - I remember an arcade on the corner from me in the 80s that for a long while only had this game, Ms. Pacman and Omega Race.

How are these games? I’m intrigued.

I would like to know myself. ;)

For what it’s worth, I ran into a review yesterday by a very experienced author specialized in strategy games since the times of SSI. He wrote about the latest game from 2018, Strategic Command WWII: World At War. The article intro says (transl.)
“The 6th part of in a strategy franchise going back until the 90s is for us the best global strategy game on the market at this time, thanks to a strong AI and the intelligent interlinking of simple rules.” (9/10)

Has anybody played this and can post some impressions?

I enjoyed 20 hours before I got kind of tired of it. Naval combat is a bit tedious and turns can take a while if you’re obsessive. Everything else is really nice!

Pro tip: keep your command units nearby for supply purposes. The manual didn’t explain this well and I didn’t feel like restarting the campaign.

Dang. I should check this thread more often. It seems to be gone already.

Awww. Isn’t X4 the new one? How cheap was it?

Edit: Oh wait, it just came out 3 months ago. I bet the sale on X4 wasn’t that deep yet.

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Includes the hidden gem Shadow Watch for $1-something!

Check out my Let’s Play thread if you aren’t familiar with it.

This doesn’t sound good.

I don’t know. GOG does have open positions and all, so it sounds more like restructuring and “pruning” than any kind of “life-threatening” trouble, but I guess we’ll see.

Ugh. Don’t want to have to download everything.

What I am saying. I love downloading everything.

Looks like I’mma put that Mega.nz account I’m paying for to real good use…

“10% of their workforce” sounds ominous, but then 12 people out of 120+ with double that number added in the last few months sounds a lot more like restructuring.

I always feel bad for the people let go in situations like this. I also look at that picture of the absolutely amazing space GOG seems to occupy and wonder just how much leasing a space like that costs every month? I mean, nobody wants to work in a soulless cube farm, but when you’re a small company, and your leasing/operational costs are nearly equal to or greater than your payroll costs, you may have an issue down the road.