GOG 2019: Good Games Old and New

If you got a lunix or mac machine, it is supposed to run perfectly through Wine too.

Man, I remember being just astounded when Blade Runner wanted 1.5 entire gigabytes to install on my HDD.

+1 for Warlords III: Darklords Rising. I’d also like to see the Kohan series for sale on GOG.

+1 on Darklords Rising (might as well put regular Warlords 3 up there as well)

No One Lives Forever 1 & 2
Myth 1 & 2

I was so psyched for this game, but was ultimately disappointed. The strength of this game comes from the graphics, and from playing many runs and seeing how they differ. I felt it suffered from having no puzzles, and from the Westwood adventure approach of not having descriptions or interactions for most things on-screen. They definitely nailed the feel though.

Everything Scharmers says, but didn’t that get broken by Windows…XP?

There are many sims that could use a re-release. EF2000, Total Air War, Longbow 2 (included in Jane’s but deserves its own mention), LOMAC.

The Bethesda Terminator games are not available anywhere. Black and White; The Movies; Simpsons Hit & Run; Sid Meier’s Civil War; AvP 2; basically everything up until Steam became what it is today.

I never finished it because I got to a point where nobody I talked to had anything new to say, and nowhere I went produced anything new. Not sure what I messed up, but I never went back to it.

LOMAC is sort of getting a “rerelease,” FYI.

I’ve been hoping to see Warhammer Dark Omen show up. Nocturne too, but I still have those cds somewhere.

I played through one of them with no problems. Can’t remember which though.

If you’ve got a favorite I can fire it up & let you know.

Awesome, thank you. I was curious because I recall earlier DOSBox versions of the games having issues with combat taking place at 10x normal speed, crashes during transitions between areas, etc… If the GOG versions are smooth sailing, I’m probably going to bite next time they’re on decent discount.

Then I will never play them due to time constraints…so honestly it probably doesn’t even matter if they work or not! ;-)

GOG has a community voting feature.

The overview tab says I made 41 votes and 19 were fulfilled. Some unfulfilled votes I made: C&C collection, Stratosphere: Conquest of the Skies, “Star Trek: The Next Generation, Birth of the Federation”, Axis and Allies (by TimeGate Studios), Rising Kingdoms, The Thing, Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis, Armies of Exigo, Emperor Of The Fading Suns, Hardwar, SimGolf, Urban Assault.

Star Trek and Terminator probably have license issues.

This especially. Was it Interplay? Was it Activision? Was it Bethesda? Was it Simon & Schuster? The whole licensing for this series has been a fustercluck.

This happens when the licensor doesn’t give a shit and sees games as just another line in the merch Excel sheet.

Trek is not really known for satisfying personal scale weapons, in general. (Unless you’re Klingon.) It’s a cultural thing I think. The ship-based weapons are ace though.

I, on the other hand, would LOVE Freelancer. I’ve been sorely tempted to … nvm.

Um, nobody here is, like, from the Software Staatspolizei here, you know. Just do it

…invest $50,000 in Star Citizen ships

“Outwars” - 1997

The “Vietcong” games - 2003

I’ve never done it before – I swore an oath!