GOG 2020

The Dishonored series has come to GOG!

Also, the two good Wolfensteins of recent years as well.

Deep discounts until 24 February, 2020.

Well darn, I can’t get Dishonored 1 to run under Windows 10. I set compatibility to Windows 8, tried to run it in windowed mode. No dice.

Well, the Steam version runs fine for me on Windows 10, so I’m betting it’s not a Windows 10 problem necessarily.

@rhamorim is your CPU Intel or AMD? I’m wondering if the game is incompatible with AMD.

Intel, but I find it hard to believe that it would be a CPU incompatibility. Maybe it’s a VC library missing or something like that?

I figured it out! It was my Focusrite USB audio device. The game doesn’t like it. Once I switched to a different audio output device in Windows 10, the game ran perfectly. Interesting.

Oh, that makes sense, especially if the sampling rate/bit depth for your audio device is different from the standard. Some games/applications really have issues with that.

Not game release related, but probably good news all the same for consumers.

In actual game release news though; Rimworld is coming to GOG, Wasteland Remastered has released, One Finger Deathpunch 2 has released, Dark Fall: Ghost Vigil is now available, and an interesting 2d isometric adventure game called Beautiful Desolation is also now available (Launch offer: Get Stasis for free), plus Genesis Alpha One and Broken Lines have released on GOG too.

And apparently Slitherine have been doing some stuff to classic Master of Magic?

Wow, that is pretty amazing. I’m not sure why it wouldn’t be extensively abused, but maybe they have internal data that disproves my pessimistic views.

Well in the past, I have never ever been able to get a refund, even for acknowledged non working products on their part, so I wonder how much of this is just posture.

Whatever that means.

It’s murky, but it makes sense that they monitor individual behaviors. It’ll be still interesting to see how it goes.

In the past you couldn’t get a refund once you’d downloaded the game. Probably because since they’re DRM free you could buy/download/refund then keep playing. Now I guess they are almost fully trusting the consumer…

I think it means they somehow make sure people aren’t doing the above, by refunding everything? Like Steam had some checks for the same kind of thing and deny people who request refunds for everything.

Also I read that they did not inform developers about this new policy and some seem a bit worried about it.


Maybe there is a middle ground from fully distrusting your users, specfically if your previous “refund policy” was to never issue a refund despite what you claimed (and they were claiming they would refund on a per case basis.).

A middle ground is probably where we will end up once they roll this back a bit! ;)

I really don’t see that the sky is going to fall here.

Most GOG members are there to support the devs for releasing their games without DRM.
I imagine that anyone intent on stealing the game would have pirated it already.

But I’m biased in that I’ve never refunded a game in my life, so maybe I’m not understanding human nature well enough.

Also, this seems like yet another example of GOG going off half-cocked. I shake my head every time they do something like this, as once it’s been done, it is really, really difficult to take back.

I hope it doesn’t bite them in the ass by a bunch of devs and publishers leaving.
I’m hoping they stick around long enough to give it a chance.

GoG 2.0 is great. It’s not perfect. There are still ways in which Playnite is better, but it doesn’t have Xbox/Playstation integration like GoG 2.0 does. I use both of them now, and switch back and forth.

Not sure why it has to update and “import” the library each time I run it. Takes forever at 2300+ games and hangs 50% of the time.


(It’s Warhammer Week on GOG.)

In related news, the WH40K fanfilm by 1 guy is mostly done: