GOG 2020

Love getting a game for free? Then you are in luck today, as you can nab Teleglitch: Die More Edition for free on GOG within the next 48 hours. There’s also a Paradox Publisher Sale event going on this weekend as well.

Apparently GOG on a roll with the free game giveaways currently. Now you can claim the game Butcher for free within the next 48 hours as part of the ‘Made in Poland’ sale event occuring. Giveaway should be at the top of the main page, GOG website seems to be a little spotty at the moment though so maybe try it in a few hours if you encounter any errors.


Also, as part of this week’s Weekly Sale event, Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak is 90% off on GOG this week, which according to IsThereAnyDeal is the new historic low (YMMV).

Grabbed it, thanks for the tip!

That post was all I needed to wishlist it. How’s the game, any good?

Today is a great day for classic game releases. Four new games joining GOG today courtesy of Throwback Entertainment. Bit of something for everyone with the additions of Alien Earth, Bloodwych, Trickstyle and Powerslave. Personally, been hoping Powerslave would come to GOG for a while now.

If you like other classics of the genre, then definitely an enjoyable experience I’d say. Though, not a straight forward hack-and-slash dungeon crawler like some due to incorporation of things like puzzles.

The CRPG addict liked it a lot.

OMG Powerslave! YUS!

Is that the same Powerslave that was on Dreamcast?


Yes but I believe they are completely different games. IIRC, the console versions were different than the PC version.

And in my last hour I’m a slave to the power of death
Slave to the power of deeeeaaaaaaaaath


now you’re talking!!

So it looks like Powerslave, the game, actually takes place in ancient Egypt? Literally named for the song. I was going to say it’s like making a game about the Spanish civil war and naming it For whom the Bell Tolls, but of course that exists too (as a board wargame).

Well I didn’t see this one coming… Horizon Zero Dawn: Complete Edition releasing on GOG on 24th November, 2020.

Who else has pre-ordered Cyberpunk 2077 on GOG?


Me too, ages ago. ;)

The first Drakensang game (Drakensang: The Dark Eye) is now available on GOG for most territories. It doesn’t seem to be available in Australia currently, and possibly New Zealand too if the license restrictions are anything like Steam. So it may not be available in your region for some people.

Additionally, Phoenix Point is coming to GOG on the 3rd December, 2020 with Phoenix Point: Year One Edition. The ability to use Apple Pay and Google Pay, in relevant territories, on GOG has been added. GOG releases for Gesalt: Steam & Cinder and Disjunction have also been confirmed today, worth keeping an eye on the former out if you are into 2D Steampunk platformer-adventure games. Last but not least, Evan’s Remains releases on GOG today too.

How do you kick off a Black Friday\Cyber Monday sale event? By adding what looks to be all of the Batman games released since 2009’s Batman: Arkham Asylum to your catalogue of course.