GOG 2020

Well, time to throw another wad of cash at GOG again then. Been hoping that Warhammer: Mark of Chaos might eventually come to GOG, even better that it comes packaged as the Gold Edition that includes the Battle March expansion. One more for the collection, and it still does a couple of things which Total War: Warhammer (1\2) has yet to rival.

Also, nice to see a game release come with a good chunk of bonus content as well (concept art book, etc).

Fatality!.. Mortal Kombat 4 is now on GOG, need I say anything more? Also joining in the fun today is the much more recent game The Friends of Ringo Ishikawa.

XCOM 2 is now on GOG.

And there’s a Spring sale going on, too. Nice discounts all around, though nothing out of the “ordinary”, I suppose.

My Spring Sale haul thus far:

Arcanum: Of Steamworks and Magick Obscura
Bought it in a bargain bin about 20 years ago and could never get it running right on my machine back then. Let’s see how it works out with GOG’s magicians helping out.

Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition
I actually thought I bought this a month ago during a Beamdog sale, but I only picked up the second one. Even though the first game is hot garbage, I’m still interested in playing until I get tired of it and then watching a recap for the rest of it before doing the same with the second game before Baldur’s Gate 3 comes out, which I will certainly be playing because Larian.

Planescape: Torment: Enhanced Edition
Never played it because I’m not typically interested in interactive fiction, but I’m on a bit of an isometric RPG kick.

Majesty Gold HD
I bought the second game when it came out but tuned out when the maps mostly turned into puzzles. There’s a certain type of game I’ve been wanting to play that I don’t think exists, and maybe this will scratch that itch.

Craft The World
The reviews for this all seem mediocre, but @Spect seemed to think it was okay in the Game of the Decade thread, so how I could I pass it up at this price?

Craft the World - I’m sure I’ll be the only vote on this one. It’s my most played game of the decade, as well as one of the most fun games I’ve played ever, and still play today.

As an aside, I also recently picked up ATOM RPG: Post-apocalyptic Indie Game for something like $5 on some secret newsletter sale because I confused it for Encased, another Fallout-like. I hope it isn’t poopy.

Original Majesty is magnitudes better than Majesty 2. It’s like they didn’t understand the magic that Majesty was and just gave us some unfortunate sequel based on other things.

Yea, this is exactly what I’ve been hearing since buying and playing the second one way back in 2009 or whatever. And the way I saw Majesty described all the way back then has stuck in my mind ever since.

I’m looking forward to trying it. My only fear is the antiquated UI will hold me back. I’m much more forgiving with older UIs in RPGs than something similar to a real time strategy game.

If memory serves me properly, the pacing was a lot slower in Original. I mean it seemed like they thought it was too slow so they frenzied the heck out of it in 2. RTS are usually faster, but I didn’t really see it as an RTS then.

That’s also my hope. I tend to play RTS too slow as is, so if this game is slower than other real time games, it’ll be just my speed. One reason I like the RTS Sins of a Solar Empire so much is how excruciatingly slow you can run the game. I don’t expect that here, but slower is better for me.

I’ll never be a Starcraft champ :( (I keep getting distracted watching the workers haul crystal and shit). I just love the business of battles and such, even though I’m supposed to ignore all the fun stuff to win.

Could this finally be the sale where I pick up HOMM 3 and give the series a try?

I just played my first mission. It’s the suggested intro mission: The Book, The Whatever, and The MacGuffin. I had a great time. The game feels a lot better than I expected given its age, but I’m guessing I can attribute a lot of that to the HD update the game received at some point.

It took me a couple minutes to keep it from crashing on startup, as it’s not 100% compatible with Windows 10 when played in Full Screen. But after changing a couple settings in the game’s option menu and changing a couple 1’s to 0’s in the game’s config file I was good to go.

I’m looking forward to tackling map 2 tomorrow night.

I loved that game so much, especially co-op. I hope you have a lot of fun.

I just found the Majesty 2 difficulty spikes to be ridiculous.

This is, um, not true at all. It’s pretty far from the truth, in fact.

The main gameplay in the original Baldur’s Gate is saving and loading. Mostly loading, since I usually forgot to save. Oh and listening to inane repetitive barks from your party members that are supposed to be a substitute for character development.

This is an artifact of the RTwP combat + D&D system. You usually let your party just attack things on their own, since that works much of the time, and since spells don’t recharge automatically. Usually the remedy is to reload and try for better rolls, which means just let them do their thing again without paying too much attention to the frenzy. Only once you die several times in a row do you realize that you needed to put more effort into the fight, and then you become willing to spend a few precious spells to beat the monster. Of course, given that it’s low-level D&D, the monsters might just be too powerful for you at this early stage, in which case, after 10 reloads, you move on to another quest.

With turn based combat you get instant feedback about what is happening, and are able to adjust your strategy long before a reload is necessary.

I love it also. It’s the same niche as Dungeon Keeper for me. Never played it co-op though.

Wow, lotta hate in here for what is indisputably the best RPG of all time. Yikes. :-p

No, that’s Dark Souls.

NAM, Elite Warriors Vietnam, Line of Sight: Vietnam, Deadly Dozen and Fields of Glory have come to GOG thanks to Ziggurat Interactive. You know what that means? We now have another classic MicroProse game in GOG’s library with the addition of Fields of Glory. So a glorious day indeed!

3MA’s Rob must be delighted!

I’m curious to check that encyclopedia he was drooling about some day.