GOG 2020

Oh how I would love for this branch of RTS games to continue. I love Supreme Commander. The sequel was a much tighter RTS(and worth playing) but just didn’t have the same ridiculous scale as the first.

GOG has been knocking it out of the park lately. I’ve been hoping SupCom would be released there!

I love GOG. They’re my favorite place to buy games.

I’d consider them to be “knocking it out of the park” a little bit more if they were a little better about landing new games on release day. Too often it seems like new-ish games slink over to GOG four months after flopping on Steam, and the devs are desperately trying to recoup a few bucks that they wouldn’t have bothered to chase if the game had been a hit. Not sure what GOG can do about that, but wish they could.

New games are just gravy at GOG. It’s all about the good old games.

At first I was excited, thinking this is my chance to get a digital version of SupCom, and then I realized, wait, I never had the disc version, I always had a digital version of SupCom. But it was from Direct2Drive. But I think after they went out of business, it was transferred over to something else, but I believe I have access to it through Steam. I’ll have to check when I get home.

You can bet GOG is doing their absolute damnest to get all games they can day 1. But as long as DRM-free will be a no-no for most publishers, those efforts are going to be heads banging into walls.

That said, babysteps. With every AAA game that goes to GOG, the publisher resistence to DRM-free lessens a bit, hopefully…

I still have all the games I bought on Direct2Drive 😀

Not that I ever think of logging on there but it seems to still be chugging along. Ah, I think GameFly own it now.

Jesus, GOG downloads are slow today. I’m trying to install Pathfinder: Kingbaker and it’s taking all night. I blame all those free copies of Witcher 3 everybody is probably installing but will never play since they already own the console versions.

Damn, Switch owners can’t get the GOG version because Nintendo somehow cares for their customers privacy. Oh well.

How they trained us well. We think something we paid for elsewhere is free because it’s hosted on a different server. Brilliant!

Different platform, not just server. It’s not just existing PC owners that benefit from this.

Also, privacy on for example Xbox is optional. You can make all your achievements and pretty much anything invisible for others if you really don’t want anyone to know what you’ve played.

To me, privacy isn’t merely having random Joe peek at my steamies, it’s also the will of a company to not hand your info to another.
“Free game”, eh.

Sounds like a fun game.

Jubilost approves.

Asmodee Digital has come to GOG, kicking things off with the digital boardgame versions of Ticket to Ride and Scythe (plus respective DLC). Launch discounts for both the base games and the DLCs until the 15th of July.

Never played it back in the day myself, but this classic release from 2004 might please someone here. Better yet with a 75% launch discount it also happens to be cheap as chips, so almost no reason not to give it a whirl at $2.50 (AUD, your region pricing will vary).

Funky! I never heard of this game, but it looks fun. I’ll take a punt for less than $2, sure.

At US $1.74, it’s insta-bought.
Thanks, @Malkael! This must have just went up, as I was just over at GOG a few hours ago, and it wasn’t there yet.
Now, if they could only get Drakan: Order Of The Flame, that’d be really great. I have that one in the boxed version, but a ready-to-play GOG version would be so awesome.

What kind of game is this? Is it like the Kingdom Under Fire games?