GOG 2021

A DRM-Free version of Imperator: Rome is available from GOG for 75% off and its DLC for 50% off.

If you are concerned as to whether or not Imperator: Rome has been “fixed” or not, you might want to check out this video:

The sale will end in a couple of days so don’t delay your decision too long.

Will I be able to succeed in this game if I have an IQ of 60? Asking for a friend.

Another case where I will be guessing the negativity of the question implies the answer as I have fallen asleep during the first sentence of the video.

A sale and a robust update has moved me from ignoring this PDX title to now pondering purchasing it.

edit: I don’t buy a whole lot of stuff on GOG, mostly use steam, so I have a question: Once you head down the GOG path with a game is that where you then have to also buy the DLC? i.e. PDX store puts a DLC on sale, can that be picked up and used with GOG version I’m loading up via GOG Galaxy?

I’ve heard from a few people this is very good now. I’m pretty maxed out on Paradox stuff for the moment though and instead eagerly waiting for CK3 DLC.

For the record, Imperator: Rome has been on GOG since release.

So once purchased on GOG Galaxy is that the only place I can purchase future DLC?

Can you spoil if it has been fixed or improved enough to warrant another look? This is a fine video but it’s over 20 min long to answer a yes or no question… and I am curious.

I pulled the trigger so I’m about to find out, course I’ve nothing to compare it to as I’ve not played any of the previous iterations. ;)

The videomaker breaks it down this way:

Good bones, but bad meat. Which he says is easier to fix in the future compared to a game like EU4, which he describes as having good meat but bad bones. But because its bones are bad EU4 might be better right now, it doesn’t have the potential that Imperator has–if they keep working on Imperator.

kerzain gave you a better answer than I could as I have never played the game. But I felt that I should at least acknowledge your post since you quoted mine. :-)

The price is tempting, but then… I’ve played a lot of Europa Universalis IV and to me it seems all Paradox games are similar - I mean: too similar to warrant playing EU, IR and CK all together. It’s basically always a map with provinces, that you have to conquer, with some stuff wrapped around that core gameplay. The only Paradox game that’s sufficiently dissimilar is maybe Stellaris, with the caveat, that once the initial exploration stage is over you face a universe divided into coloured blobs that looks… just like EUIV.

So if a friend would approach me and ask for my opinion, then I’d probably say something along these lines: if you haven’t yet played any Paradox game, then pick it up. If you have, better go for another ancients game, like Hegemony III or Field of Glory: Empires.

Early CK 2 wasn’t like that.

EU2 is quite different too.

You buy DLC on the GOG website or Galaxy, as you do with all things GOG. But yes, if you buy the game on GOG, you’ll have to buy the DLC on GOG. All platforms work like that.

Thanks man, well, diving into Rome via GOG! I’m a fan of the setting and the price was just too good.

Sadly yes. DLCs are platform linked for most games, though I do wish they were platform agnostic.

Just got a notice that M.U.L.E. Is available on GOG.

Is this new info? People rave about it, I never played it, always had hoped to.

I just got that email too, I had no idea a new or remastered version of M.U.L.E. was coming. Geez, I played so much of that game on C64 back in the day. I’d buy it for nostalgia value if nothing else.

Same here. The rules are straightforward but allowed for fun ways to screw over your opponents.

It’s meant to be played multiplayer, and I don’t think this version has online multiplayer. If you’ve got people in your household who will play it with you, go for it!

You were correct. This is not new or remastered.