GOG 2024

Hammerting is up for grabs for the next 72 hours (until April 1st, 2 PM UTC)

Svarog’s Dream has arrived on GOG with a 20% discount, making it $16.80 until April 11, 2024.

This is not my usual kind of game, but watching the promo video has me extremely interested. It’s advertised as a slow-paced RPG, which sounds fine as long as it’s not too slow-paced I guess. :-)

I need to do some research on this one I think.

Really appreciate your posting these!

Happy to help!
Thanks for posting your appreciation!

Here’s a “new” release that looks interesting from an era 12 years before I bought my first computer, aka 1981.

This looks really neat, thanks for the heads-up! If you decide to give it a go please let us know what you think.

That is wild, I owned a TI-99/4A computer back in the day but I’ve never heard of this game. I may just have to pick up a copy out of curiosity.

Apparently the game is new, released a few years ago. The “released in 1981” refers to the TI0-99/4a, not the game. That wording has confused people on several forums.

That’s even weirder! They stopped making TI-99/4A’s back in the mid 80s, the whole reason I had one was because my grandmother picked one up dirt cheap.

Ack! Thanks for that clarification!