GOG In the Year of Our Lord 2017

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PS. Also, silly title character requirement thing.

SO. OMG. Hidden and Dangerous One AND Two!


I have these on disk, but barely play 'em because ugh, disks. Now they’re on GOG so yay!

I can’t see them on Brazil for some reason. People in South Africa are complaining about that as well. Trying to find out what’s happening. :(

My exact reaction. I’m so happy H&D2 is available digitally. :)

Oh wow. LOVE H&D. Excellent news.

Right? The only reason I’ve not played them more is because disks. Feh, who needs that? I don’t have time to be installing from multiple disks. Sitting there waiting for it to ask me for the next one? What is this, 2004?

No kidding! I am going to sit back and enjoy it this time. I seem to remember it ramps up in difficulty real quick.

Noticing a weird thing in the GOG store with The Witcher 3. I own it through them (got it as a promo a couple of years ago when I bought a GTX 970), but for some weird reason, both in a web browser and in the store page of GOG Galaxy, it doesn’t get grayed-out and show the little “Owned” label like the other games I own (including The Witcher EE and The Witcher 2). Anyone else seeing this?

I’m just concerned that if I decide to buy the Season Pass, it will complain that I don’t own the base game.

I get my copy of Witcher 3 the same way. I can see it listed in my GOG Galaxy Library but it is not grayed out in the store (but neither is any other game I own). However, Theme Hospital which I also own does at least state that I own it in the store (but I do not see Witcher 3 in the store with the owned label).

Maybe the copies of Witcher 3 are different editions or something than the one that was given to us?

The thing is, all of the other games I’ve bought through GOG show the “owned” label. I’m going to contact customer service and report what they tell me.

Yes, let us know what you learn because it is puzzling.

I got my Witcher 3 the same way with a GTX 970 purchase. I bought the season pass and it worked just fine. Now the GOTY edition shows up as owned in the store since I have both expansions.

FULL THROTTLE!!! (remastered)

Coming 18 April - 20% off if yu pre-order now.

Freedom Planet for $3.74 is a great deal for platformers.

Missed you talking about this here, but I asked the same question a while back of GoG support and received this answer about Witcher 3 (which I received free with graphics card purchase):

This is a known glitch, and is related to some games that have specific editions. Unfortunately fixing this will be very resource-consuming, and I cannot promise when this can be done. Currently, a warning is displayed in Checkout, in case someone tries to buy something they already own.
For now, please ignore any cases of games nor being marked as owned, if you do own them, and can find them in your account’s library.
I apologize for the inconvenience.

Turok 2: Seeds Of Evil remake is here.

There is a 25% launch discount until March 23, which brings the price from $20 to $15.
If you already own the Turok remake through GOG, you get another $5 off, bringing it down to $10.

I haven’t played Seeds Of Evil in any form yet, but I did spend quite a bit of time with the Turok remake, and it was some great retro-fun. I’m hoping for more of the same from Seeds Of Evil.

I have no idea if anything significant changed from the first game to the second, even in its original form, since my only previous experience with this series (before the remakes came along) was the original Turok for the PC, which I really enjoyed back in the day. I was pleased with how Turok’s remake turned out. But since I never played the original Seeds Of Evil, I don’t know what to expect.

The only thing I remember about Turok 2 is that it made use of the Nintendo 64 expansion chip, which made it look way better than most N64 games, and that it had a gun which drilled into enemies’ brains and brain matter spilled all over the floor nearby as they collapsed. And that it had less fog than the original.

Everything you just wrote sounds very promising!
Also, the Turok remake did have an option to push the fog back further, which helped. I’m hoping the sequel has a similar switch to push it back even further.
Edit: One of the reviews says the sequel remake has removed the fog. I am hopeful.

As mentioned (and denigrated) by myself, over on our wacky space czar’s recent podcast:

We are fookin gonna voxel like it’s 1999

I love 'em, but I own 'em all on Steam already, and don’t love 'em THAT much to double dip. Very glad they’re there though.