GOG In the Year of Our Lord 2017

… is 75% off today! I think that’s the biggest cut since it showed up on GoG.

And worth all 249 pennies.

Following the THQ Nordic SGJ podcast, I think I’m gonna wait for the probable remaster on this one.

Yeah, that’s another reason I’m not jumping on the GOG versions, in the hopes the Steam versions will be getting some love.

I also want Ultrabots god dammit.

I want Railroad Tycoon and Transport Tycoon.

Saints Row 2 is FREE for all on GOG right now, with 75% discounts on SR3 : Full Package ($3.74), SR4 : GOTC Edition ($4.99) and SR : Gat out of Hell ($3.74). Also several other Deep Silver titles are on sale.

GOG Connect has also been updated with the Saints Row 3, 4 and Gat out of Hell games, so if you own any of it on Steam, you can own it on GOG now too.


You forgot to scroll down a bit and post that Eador : Genesis is FREE (if you “buy” within the next 48 hours).


ALSO - Renowned Explorers : International Society is currently eligible for GOG Connect.

Sadly, as is usually the case with GOG Connect, Renowned Explorers’ DLCs aren’t part of the trip - but more importantly, the leaderboards aren’t either!

Empires: Dawn of the Modern World was a worthy refinement of Empire Earth.

I hope GOG will add Rise & Fall: Civilizations at War, too, at some point.

GOG added Throne of Darkness today. Any thoughts on that one?

I remember seeing it in stores back in the day, but never played it. Love Diablo-alikes though, so I will likely try it.

I enjoyed Throne of Darkness back in the day. I still have my original boxed copy.

It’s basically somewhere between Diablo and Diablo 2 in terms of design, which isn’t a bad thing. It’s one of the better Diablo clones out there (from that era), and it has the unique hitch of letting you play/level/equip SEVEN characters (the 7 Samurai) of which you can adventure with 4 at a time. You control one character while the other three are controlled by the AI. I found the AI at the time to be passable, but you will do most of the heavy lifting and the other three characters will be more like support pets than anything. The game also had a wonky crafting system of sorts, I recall it made you actually sit there and wait several minutes for items to be crafted. Kids these days with their instant crafting…so spoiled!

Summary : Decent Diablo clone with Japanese Samurai theme and unique 7/4-character setup. Probably has not aged well. Only worth $6 to those who remember it fondly, otherwise I’d wait for a sale.

Multiple characters – sounds more like Dungeon Siege than Diablo.

It seems there’s an ongoing DDOS attack on the Gwent infrastructure, but it’s also causing problems on GOG.

WTF is wrong with people? :(

GOG is the best! Who in their right mind would attack it? Geeeeeeeez.

People who suck at life and everything in it. Sadly those sort of people seem to be growing in number lately.

The Neo Geo is back! Kind of.

Basically. YGG!

Buyer beware on the Neo Geo releases - they’re still the problematic Dotemu versions.