GOG In the Year of Our Lord 2017

I wonder if GoG will get the rest of the DotEMU stuff (particularly HardWar and Fleet Command).

If not, well, everyone on this board knows this guy who might just hand them out ;)

Oh yes yes please. I’d triple dip.

Do we know that? These show SNK as publisher vs. dotemu for other older catalog items

DotEmu got the publishing rights of HardWar? :O

A bunch of Gremlin Interactive stuff, I think… Interplay just published it in the US. Which is a shame, because if Interplay had the full rights, we would have seen HardWar on GoG a long time ago.

Hardw[a]r was indeed the bomb back when. Loved the murky orange atmosphere of Titan. It blew my mind when a probe actually sent back images of the surface from there.

I have been intrigued by that game for years. Although I am scared it requires a joystick, which I don’t have available.

Bethesda just dropped these on GOG:

I love the whole marketing bulletpoint of “have these masterpieces DRM-free” which no one else has. Very nice. Though I bet most people already do own a copy of these games already.

Sure, but i bought them again. Get to avoid Steam and other crud and get a nice clean and complete install.

Also easier to make Mac & Linux versions via Wine / PortingKit.


Now if only Bethesda would make Fallout 3 rock-solid stable on Windows 7 (or 10–for all I know it is on 10) since it came out the very Fall (2008) that the OS came out–it’s not like they didn’t know it was coming. I could never get it to stop CTD’ing at random intervals.
Maybe there’s a mod that recreates FO3 in New Vegas?

This is me as well.

I played it on Windows 7 in January 2010, all the way through. I had the random CTDs too, but I always assumed that was a Bethesda engine thing, not a Windows 7 thing. And the crashing wasn’t too bad. I only had visual mods installed, and nothing that would interfere with GFWL achievements, so no mods that relied on FOScript, or whatever that was called. So maybe I had less crashes because I had less mods installed?

That is a good question. I tried playing Fallout 3 not too long ago and uninstalled in frustration because of all the CTDs and crashes. Plus the landscape and visual design is so freaking bland and washed out I wasn’t even that invested in pushing through the crashes.

Ultimately I would rather just play Fallout: New Vegas or 4 at this point (but it would be worth knowing if GOG was able to address the problems in modern OSs.)

I double-dipped on NV. I don’t think it will be coming to GoG Connect soon, and $10 for a game that I occasionally fire up and play (and mod the hell out of) is irresistible.

Same here. I didn’t like Oblivion and although I was somewhat intrigued by the FO3 DLC (which I didn’t buy or play at the time, even if I finished the base game), the only one I wanted NOW was New Vegas. Looking forward to playing it properly now. :)

Likewise. I’ll throw my money at any of my favorite games that go DRM-free.

So since It was brought up, what exactly is wrong with Steam? I don’t understand, there are 1000s of games there and we have been running them for years. The footprint is medium to small. I run over to GOG sometimes for an exclusive but I have a hard time wondering why steam is bad. But I am willing to learn.

Easy answer: I can download a GOG game as a backup copy, it won’t need to connect to a GOG server or anything like that to authenticate. If Valve pull the plug on steam, good luck installing and playing your games I guess.

In saying that, I own more games on Steam than I do GOG; each has their own strengths and weaknesses.

If you have multiple computers at home and you aren’t the single gamer, GOG versions are very appealing because Steam doesn’t let you run two games at once even on a LAN. I bought Stardew Valley on GOG for that precise reason.
Also, they are very convenient for laptop gaming, when you don’t want to bother with that uninteresting extra DRM layer that is Steam’s offline mode.
To me, the main appeal of Steam is the automatic handling of updates, although that comes with the issue that those updates are forcefully pushed.