GOG in the Year of our Lord 2018


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After a few weak months for oldies, GOG hits strong today with Close Combat.



Have people here played the new entries? I have fond memories of playing the first 2 games back in the 90s but I wonder how well these hold up…


If you liked the originals, the new ones won’t disappoint, as they refresh, but don’t alter the formula. That said, most of my time has been with Cross of Iron, their remake of CC3, which is my favorite in the entire series.


It is unfortunate that Cross of Iron isn’t a part of GOG’s Close Combat special.


Right, but the original Russian Front is.


I’m not sure what the idea is in putting the 2 new titles up, but not the updated versions of the older titles.


Yeah, don’t get that either.


Must resist urge to impulse buy the lot. So for my wallet at least it is a slight blessing in disguise they didn’t include the updated\remake games yet. Hope GOG can resolve the issues they were encountering with Close Combat and Close Combat 5, would love to have the whole collection available.

Since there are more games from Slitherine’s catalogue likely coming to GOG I can only guess that maybe they decided to stagger out the releases and start out with the old games and new (non-remake) games first.


Also the older titles are sensibly priced.


And at least when it comes to Operation Market Garden, it is arguable that the Matrix release (Last Stand Arnhem) doesn’t match or better the original Atomic release (A Bridge Too Far) anyway. So if you can look past the 1997 graphics resolution, UI and all that, CC:ABTF wins out for many in a choice over which one to buy or play.


Sigh…thus groweth the backlog…wankers


This strikes me as a pretty epic failure for a remake.


Yeah, anyone going into Last Stand Arnhem looking for a strict remake of A Bridge Too Far probably won’t come out overly satisfied.

It plays more like a remake of Operation Market Garden or re-imagining of A Bridge Too Far if it were developed using the later tech and gameplay mechanics of the series; such as how the campaign uses the The Longest Day remake’s strat-map campaign style. That’s not to say that CC:LSA isn’t a decent game in its own right with its own set of fans, but even without nostalgia goggles I prefer the original Atomic release over the Matrix release personally. Especially for the AI, sometimes bigger isn’t always better when it comes to things like map sizes.

Which stands in stark contrast to Cross of Iron, for example, which is a fairly strict\faithful remake of Close Combat 3: The Russian Front. Most fans of the series could recommend Cross of Iron for anyone looking to scratch that CC3 itch.


Enthusiastically seconded.


Where’s Close Combat 5?


Apparently they’re having issues with 1 and 5.


Act quickly and get Dungeons II free while it is featured as GOG’s Flash Deal.


Looks like GOG has all five of the original Close Combat games now, as well as some of the Slitherine updates like Cross of Iron!