GOG in the Year of our Lord 2018


I have all the giveaway options, but I voted for Shadow Warrior 2 nonetheless because I think it’s a great game everyone should have/play.


Yeah, i voted for SW2 as well.


Have to say I HATE HATE the new giant-zooming-tile interface. So much harder to cleanly use and browse.



Shadow Warrior 2 is FREE for a limited time - https://www.gog.com/game/shadow_warrior_2


One of the few games on PC which supports HDR.


Nevewinter Nights: Enhanced Edition is released on GoG. Launch discount, plus an additional discount if you already have the original on GoG. For me, that lands the deluxe edition with all the goodies at $20, and $10 for just the base game.


My least favorite Bioware game (the main campaign, the expansions were good).

But I will still get it…maybe I will feel different about it this many years later (and to play through the expansions again).


Fool me once, shame on you.
Fool me twice, shame on me.

GoG released another Tweet that seems like a backhand at another group. If the gentle reader does not recall, about a year ago they Tweeted an image that seemed to indicate their support for Gamergate - or a shocking ignorance of the whole issue. Now they Tweeted using the hashtag #WeWontBeErased in a bit of a mocking way which is also being used by groups in protest of Trump’s attempt to eliminate certain gender protections. Again, they are either demonstrating a shocking ignorance of the issue or did so in support of the effort to remove protections from transgendered people.

Another ignorant accident? Or mayhap GoG is being run by transphobic wankers?


I wonder if it’s a case of “any kind of publicity is good publicity”?

It’s possible they consider people discussing GOG for any reason “a good thing” and this is just a poor stunt at generating fake outrage/discussion. They can evade it with a “oops! - our bad!” press release which I see they’ve already released.

If this is true then I’m not sure what is worse. That companies use fake outrage to generate publicity or that in the current climate the public get outraged over every minor/silly thing.

Of course, it could just be that they have a clueless PR guy. It depends on your level of tinfoil hat. I guess mine is slightly “tinfoil-ey” ;)



It seems very common for insecure populists to dismiss their behaviour as “communication issues” and blame the beholders. I witnessed it not far from here.
Edit: had quoted the wrong part ;)


GoG has always been run by idiots, which makes me angry that I like everything they do as an actual storefront.


I would like to believe this.
That he noticed a popular hashtag, but had no idea what it stood for, and co-opted it because it sounded cool.
That’s best case scenario.
But even so, considering the reaction, he may need to lose his job over this.

I mean, I love GOG. I buy 90% of my games there.
But this kind of shit has got to stop.
For every forward step they take, things like this set them back big-time.


A mistake would be forgivable. The Non-apologies are not.


Same. When I saw this a few days ago from upset trans friends I was doubly pissed off.

First for the obvious issue of GOG being a jackass and making jokes about peoples rights being taken away from them. Second (a very very distant second) my irritation that I now have to think about GOG as to whether I should purchase from now on.

I dont enjoy personal boycott’s I dont like having to think about it, but GOG is making it clearer by the day their ethics are not compatible with mine. Which sucks, a lot.


It means, much though I regret it, I will be passing on the new Cyberpunk game. They don’t get my money.


That’s like boycotting Disney over what some of their subsidiaries do, which is fine, but they’re not the same company. GOG is its own company.


It’s clear at this point they should hire another guy/gal for handling their social presence, but that won’t affect my buying habits.

I don’t feel as if the guy with the menial task of writing two sentences-tweets announcing their offers or new releases represents several hundreds developers.


Their social media employees may not represent the views of those developers, but they represent the views of the people who run the company, or they wouldn’t retain such visible positions.


Yes, that’s true. There is an implicit ‘that wasn’t so bad’ attitude from the higher-ups if he stays in his job.

But I don’t like to be hypocritical, I’m more a realist: I know there is going to be plenty of discriminatory, sexist or reprehensible outlooks from any product that comes from Eastern Europe…
and Russia, Japan, China, Africa… etc
Just because 90% of companies don’t say anything, it doesn’t mean they think any different. It isn’t the game companies, the common attitudes in their societies about race, nationalism, women, etc is known.

If you are going to boycott products for that type of attitudes, then you are going to have to boycott most products from said countries, you are going to limit yourself to products from Western Europe, Northamerica, and not a lot else.
Hell, even then you can’t be sure. Let’s say you buy something from USA. 50% of Americans voted for Trump, how do you know the boss of the company of the product isn’t a religious nut form the bible belt?

I know someone will say ‘I don’t care, facts are, X company didn’t tweet shit and Y did, so I will boycott Y’. I think it’s a very silly way to act, the realities of the world are other, game companies of hundreds of people are big enough to be just a sample of whatever country they are.


While I agree with you for the most part, I think there is a sensible line between having opinions and proselyting them.
Then, the extra step of proselyting while telling people not sharing your views how dumb they are to not laugh at others with them is that extra bit noxious that makes a guest or a company very special.
But darn, where else to get the first Combat Mission game online :(