GOG in the Year of our Lord 2018


Obduction shows $29.99 USD on Steam and GoG for me. So it may indeed be due to regional pricing variances between the two services. Perhaps differences in the methods used to calculate regional prices?

EDIT: Just to be clear, exchange rates are important, but not the only factor that goes into regional pricing. I’m not an expert on this stuff, so I don’t exactly know what those other factors are. But they may not resolve into a flat markup percentage across the board.


If providing more value – by offering DRM-free products – isn’t “competing,” I don’t know what is! If you don’t perceive this as additional value, then of course you have no reason to buy anything on GOG. Stick with Steam.

For me personally, if I care enough about a game to buy it at all, I’d spend 2x the price (at least) to get it DRM-free.


Honestly, DRM-free is only a minor consideration compared to Steam. I have a pretty huge collection of games on GOG (although not as large as Steam simply because Humble bundles usually offer Steam keys), so it’s not like I don’t approve of the service, and I’d prefer to buy there if I could. However, I don’t have an unlimited supply of funds and making money stretch as far as it can is key (wish I could spend 2x the money without blinking; you’re a lucky one). When the games are the same price (like Divinity: Original Sin 2), considerations may be if the game is a sequel and needs to have the previous game on the same service (or not) to do things like import saves (not typically, so usually not an issue these days), which may get patches first, which might have DLC/expansions first, etc.

I’m not complaining, as I have a choice as a consumer and I’m able to determine what’s the best bang for my buck. And businesses can make a choice on how they want to compete. We all happy.


I also don’t have an unlimited supply of funds – I wish I could buy any old game on Steam without any consideration as to whether it’s DRM-free or not!

Gotcha! I flipped it around on you! :)

In any case, we agree.


In some rare cases for old games, support might be a consideration: for instance, a bunch of oldies published by Nightdivestudios receives regular updates on Steam, while GOG just ignores them for internal policy reasons.
And in the case of those DOSBox games sold on Steam, they are as DRM-free as GOG’s.


Woohoo. I’ve always had a weakness for hidden object games. They’re very relaxing.


Holy crap you guys:


SOF II, man. Infiltration mode. Dismemberment ON!


Also incidentally, it is their 10th anniversary sale.


Vote for an upcoming free game! Please vote for Shadow Warrior 2, I don’t have that game yet. :)


That’s what I’m hoping for too Gordon!


I’ve done my part!


Done 1


I have all the giveaway options, but I voted for Shadow Warrior 2 nonetheless because I think it’s a great game everyone should have/play.


Yeah, i voted for SW2 as well.


Have to say I HATE HATE the new giant-zooming-tile interface. So much harder to cleanly use and browse.



Shadow Warrior 2 is FREE for a limited time - https://www.gog.com/game/shadow_warrior_2


One of the few games on PC which supports HDR.


Nevewinter Nights: Enhanced Edition is released on GoG. Launch discount, plus an additional discount if you already have the original on GoG. For me, that lands the deluxe edition with all the goodies at $20, and $10 for just the base game.


My least favorite Bioware game (the main campaign, the expansions were good).

But I will still get it…maybe I will feel different about it this many years later (and to play through the expansions again).