GOG in the Year of our Lord 2018


Aaannddd, there goes my wallet again… Haha. Can’t resist a good Close Combat game nor a special.


Looks like Curse of Monkey Island (that’s the third in the series) has been released on GOG (and Steam)!


Third and BEST! (You heard me!) I’ll pay $7 so I don’t have to dig up my CDs again.


'bout time! Curse of MI is by far my favorite MI game. Automatic purchase for me. I’ve played it many times and still enjoy it even though I know the puzzles by heart.

Did you guys know Kenny the bottomless mug kid was voiced by Gary Coleman?


Yesss! Curse of Monkey Island!


Anyone have any experience with Close Combat: Modern Tactics?



Everything I’ve read is “meh” but I’ve not played it my own self.


Thanks. So it seems like Cross of Iron would be the better choice for the more expensive entries?


OH yes, I actually own it via Matrix and will be buying it again on GOG. It’s basically a revamped and improved version of the best original game, CC3.


I’ve never played a CC game. I realize they’re real time, but can you issue orders when paused?


Cheers. Thanks for the info @BrianRubin !

Im not sure if the games have pause, I have to research that myself.


Do you happen to remember if the Cross of Iron revamp its still tank heavy? I loved CC3 but the later scenarios were kinda dominated by tanks, which was less interesting to me than infantry.


Sure is!


Ah k. Thanks sir!


Mafia 2 & 3 are now available on the service!


fyi today GOG removed a bunch of your privacy as a “social” feature.

To turn it all off go into your profile under settings, then privacy where you have to turn all the settings off from “friends” to “just me” and most importantly change your profile and library from publicly searchable to private.

Why you would remove peoples privacy in 2018 is beyond me. GOG’s developers dont watch the news I guess.


Thanks for the heads-up, Rod. I was completely unaware of the changes.


There seem to be rumblings that even when everything is locked down, some of your info is still visible, so don’t yet be confident that turning everything off will really make your account “private”.


ack thanks. Eeesh these guys. I know there is no malicious intent here and I have faith they will fix it but ffs did nobody over there raise their hand when they were planning this as and say “hey guys, hold on a sec, we sure customers want this?”


It looks like at the very least, the existence of your account is still visible, and everyone can see what games you own along with time-played and achievements.