GOG: Interstate 76?

I saw that GOG has Interstate '76 and the Nitro Pack. Should I get them? I played the game years ago, and I loved it, but does it stand up now?

I could never get the GOG version working correctly back when it came out. I’d check their forums to see if they ever fixed it as I think I remember most people having issues with it.

I had some issues with it. Still a great game but the wrapper doesn’t work perfectly.

“Hey Stampede, how 'bout a poem?”

Loved that game.

I loved I’76. I created a huge clan for it back in the day. Do NOT pick it up from GoG. Despite the fact that I’76 is the closest we’ve ever gotten to first-person Car Wars, the game like all Mech2 engine games did not age well, and like all Mech2 engine games it is a bear to get running even marginally in modern O/S’s. GoG gave it a whirl but they really didn’t succeed; it’s probably the most broken game they have.

I used that launcher/wrapper thing to get it working, but it still never worked quite right, even with a glide wrapper. Damned shame, as there’s really been no other game like it since.