Going from iTunes to MP3

Dear friends, for many years I used iTunes to store my music. When my iPod quit on me I stopped using iTunes but all of my music is still stored there. I’d like to shift all of my music to my Samsung phone/SD card. Is there a quick and easy way to do this? As it stands now, I have to manually convert the iTunes files into MP3’s and it’s a bit of a process. Any assistance would be appreciated.

On a quick search: https://www.lifewire.com/convert-itunes-songs-to-mp3-2000442

This uses iTunes, so if you don’t have and don’t want to reinstall that, probably way more complicated.

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Doesn’t pretty much everything support ACC in this day and age? Is there any real need to convert it? I thought ACC/MP4 were higher quality standards anyway?

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I have been forced to use a Mac for a couple of weeks. It wasn’t that bad; any machine with a command line and ‘dd’ built in is ok with me.

I switched from iTunes and an iPod to MediaMonkey and SD cards for my car audio, and a MP3 player for other music. In my case, it was easier for me to re-rip the CDs, as I had very little that was actually digital-only at that time. But as long as it’s not a purchased DRM-toting song from the Apple store, any music you ripped or whatever should transfer easily.

Purchased music from iTunes has been playable-anywhere AAC/M4A for the longest time.

It looks like I’ve found the solution that works for me. Google Play let you sync up with iTunes once you install Music Manager. Installing Music Manager and getting that to work was a chore thanks to driver issues, but it looks like my library is slowly importing my iTunes library.

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On a related note, my new ride doesn’t have any SD card slots so I have moved my music to a USB drive or drives. Of course, they have to be FAT32, which means I have to use a utility to format them because Windows won’t even give me an option to format a new USB flashdrive with FAT32 for some reason.

Not even using Diskpart?

Use Rufus.ie or RMDiskPrep

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