Goldbox Megacampaign (all classic AD&D and D&D modules)

Most of them (and I still have almost all of them). Don’t get me wrong, I had a great time and I have some great stories from individual encounters in the modules, or about villains or traps. The modules’ backgrounds were sometimes pretty elaborate, but the in-module plot was often bare bones, if present at all. Little railroading, few linear story-driven sections, few canned betrayals, etc. In short, great! And yeah, much better than D3.

I think this is a bit harsh, and maybe it would need its own thread. Defining it as a lack of competency in game design is way too broad, it is rather a lack of competency, or simply a lack of interest, in story design.

Speaking personally, I have absolutely no desire to come up with a huge grand story and build a game around it. If I’m coding for the purpose of creating a game I’d like to play why on Earth would I want to make it story-based such that I’ve totally spoiled the enjoyment of playing the game through the creation process? Having done that twice for a story-driven game professionally I have no desire to do that on my own time.

I want a game that’ll surprise me, and provide a framework such that others that are actually interested in and feel a need to tell a story are empowered to do so.

I’m not dismissing story-based games, of course. I love them as a player. As a programmer doing games on my own time (when not distracted), however, I have no interest in focusing on that type of game. Providing a framework for them, however, yeah that could be fun.

Were I programming games professionally still I’d do what was needed to implement the vision. This may include a grand story and make playing the game post-ship not enjoyable at all. That’s OK though, it isn’t my time but rather my employer’s.

We’ll have to agree to disagree about the degree to which procedurally generated content is “a hoax”. Also, having played D3, I think the amount of content is about the same as vanilla D2. They’ve made some missteps, to be sure (legendary items aren’t, lack of set items pre-60, sub-par story, etc.), but there is plenty of content.

Looks awesome. Thanks for posting this, HRose. You know, I just recently rolled up a party for the goldbox Dragonlance Krynn games.

Also found out that the many of the modules are in the “30 Greatest D&D Adventures of All Time” list:

  1. Queen of Spiders, 1986 (G1-3, D1-3, Q1)

  2. Ravenloft, 1983 (I6)

  3. Tomb of Horrors, 1978 (S1)

  4. The Temple of Elemental Evil, 1985 (T1-4)

  5. The Keep on the Borderlands, 1979 (B1)

  6. White Plume Mountain, 1979 (S2)

  7. Castle Amber, 1981 (X2)

  8. Isle of Dread, 1980 (X1)

  9. The Hidden Shrine of Tamochan, 1980 (C1)

  10. Scourge of the Slave Lords, 1986 (A1-4)

  11. The Lost Caverns of Tsojcanth, 1982 (S4)

  12. The Forgotten Temple of Tharzidun, 1982 (WG4)

  13. The Sinister Secret of Saltmarsh, 1981 (U1)

  14. The Lost City, 1982 (B4)

  15. The Ghost Tower of Inverness, 1980 (C2)

Thanks for the nostalgia trip HRose. But I could never play a game like this again without automapping. My graph paper days behind me. I remember it fondly, but i don’t want to go through it again.

EA has just sent me a mail saying that if I play very old games I’m hurting the industry.

They are probably right, you should probably go look for a new copy of FRUA to buy. :)

But this was deliberate; the modules were designed to be fleshed out by individual DMs, and fit into individual campaigns to taste.

This looks awesome. Haven’t played ‘The Lost City’ since I was a kid. Used to love that game. Also the Queen of Spiders was a good one.

Are there any Youtube vids explaining how to get these loaded on my pc to play. Would be cool to relive some old memories.

I have a feeling that these games will be buggy as hell though.

I don’t think I could play a FPP exploration game these days. I’ve just grown so used to isometric displays that I can’t go without them.

If a FRUA remake could be made using isometric perspective that would be cool, but I don’t know how that could be possible without ditching support for old modules.

The RoA remake was also not good.