Golden Realms fulfills the promise of Age of Wonders III. And adds hobbits.

Title Golden Realms fulfills the promise of Age of Wonders III. And adds hobbits.
Author Tom Chick
Posted in Game reviews
When October 2, 2014

Halflings? Halflings? Really? The race that no one wants to be because you might as well be an elf for the charisma bonus? The most human of non-human races, which is quite an accomplishment next to half-elves? Those homebodies who so rarely go on adventures that w

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Hell yes! I love the halflings in the DLC.

Sound pretty cool. I bought AoW3 when it came out, but couldn't stay interested in it for more than five or so hours. Nice that they've finally got a decent endgame.

Incidentally just heard the latest episode of Dan Carlin's Hardcore History, part IV in a sweeping series about WWI, and because of it I got your Verdun reference! I now see what you did there.

Sounds like the DLC really improved the base game. Glad I picked it up during the release sale. I'm going to have to get back on it. Get this Tom, I'm actually getting through the Diablo Reaper of Souls campaign to unlock adventure mode to see if I can appreciate what the rest of the world does. No promises!

I just hope they have an undead DLC somewhere out there.

Can you nuke the village and make all the hobbits evacuate their holes?

Their next add-on will include a new necromancer class!

Now you made it weird.

"This should be more correctly be [sic] known"
"you have to bank a powerful [army] to hold a [Seal] of Power"
"[lets] the AI surrender"
"more varied kind[s] of upgrades"
"Age of Wonder[s] III’s most distinct race"