GolfTopia , made with leftover SPAZ neon.

Saw this mentioned twice on the forums today, and behold its the developer (MinMax) from Space Pirates and Zombies 1 and 2! All that glorious neon is now spilling over into this golf course design/management sim!

Early Access started in July, with a >6 month timeframe mentioned.

Developer site:

This looks insane in a good way.

Yeah, this does look appealing!

Early Access … any ideas when it will be out?

I played a few hours of this for a stream and had a GREAT time.

It would be very cool to be able to invite friends to your courses and play together as well. Nobody ever played crazy golf alone.

Also, just like in Animal Crossing, the ‘weeds’ look more interesting to me than the not-weeds!

Not sure I ever expected a spiritual successor to SimGolf.

Isn’t the dev of SPAZ cliffski here on QT3? Or am I misremembering?

Misremembering I’m afraid.

Cliffski (Cliff Harris) is the owner/dev of Positech Games fame which, amongst other things, created Gratuitous Space Battles. That might be what you’re thinking of.

The SPAZ team appears to be a two-man shop out of Canada.

I like that they’re following the Sid Meier’s SimGolf model to make it a game about game design.


Anyone been keeping up with the development?

It’s getting decent Steam reviews. I’m going to pick this up.

So a futuristic Simgolf remake, and Evil Genius 2 both landed today. It’s like I’m reliving my early adulthood!

This looks like a game that I would love to play as a golfer. But hate to be a course designer.

Ok, waiting for a QT3’er to chime in on this! Who’s got it?!

Had to go back 6 months to find a single negative review. It’s crazy!

I played it for a couple hours, made a 6 hole course, I think. A lot of good stuff! Nice course-building tools. Creative additions to the SimGolf formula (night cycle that requires lights to be placed; tubes that shuttle players along…). I’m still trying to get a grasp on what makes a good hole… That was also a struggle sometimes in Sid’s version, too. Definitely needs more time, but it makes a pretty good first impression! (If you aren’t immediately turned off by the fantastical stuff, which… I’m tolerating it.)

I was a bit concerned by the fantasy stuff. Wonder if someone can mod it to replace it all with real life items.

In SimGolf the core idea was to reward higher golf skills (accuracy, distance, curving shots) with better scores by using relevant course features (hazards, hills, obstructions).

Different tastes. :) Personally I’m concerned by all the non-fantasy stuff - real golf is boring (to say nothing of its now-indelible association with a certain reprehensible political figure) so all I’m really interested in here is the upscaled mini-golf. I suspect that means this isn’t for me, unfortunately.

I would play it both ways :)