GolfTopia , made with leftover SPAZ neon.

Oh, believe me, I’m VERY familiar with making holes in SimGolf. I’ve played hundreds of hours. But I’m always reminded of some of the obscurities when I try to make a really successful par 3 hole, or when I try to improve a hole that seems to have everything but ends up with a terrible rating.

Is this by cliffski?

Minmax Games made it (the people who made Spaz & Spaz 2). Cliff is Positech.

Thanks. I was mistaken all these years in thinking cliffski did SPAZ and SPAZ2. I knew he did GSB and Democracy series though.

It’s a joyous romp, a tour de force. Loving it.

I played this in early access and have not played it recently. In my mind/memory it is much like sim golf. I really enjoyed my time with it, and I am installing it now.

You can ignore much of the ‘fantasy’ stuff though your character will ride a grav-scooter when moving around and players will arrive at the resort thru a space elevator(?), and you have automation to help fight weeds. But the bumpers and stuff you can ignore.

One trick was to put a sand trap near the Tee/start, the npc’s get worried about it but they easily pass it and get good thoughts.

Grabbed it and proceeded to go bankrupt since I didn’t notice I was making 800 yard holes LOL. Hey, par 8 is an average hole length right? o.O

How did you even do that in the starting plot size, Jeff?!

I’m still enjoying this, and think it’s a quality game and adaptation, for sure. There’s something a bit intangible missing relative to Sid’s version, and I think it has something to do with the plainness of the characters. There’s none of that “Sims” energy, where characters are saying things and you see their faces and they make noises that you can’t miss. Some of that is annoying in SimGolf (and the character faces are ugly), but I’m finding the game feels a bit inert without it.

The Leisure Suit Larry of golf games.

The sounds and faces the characters make in THAT game are REALLY exciting!

Apparently I like punishing my golfers more than placating them. My next hole was island hops. Most people quit hahaha.

“git gud golfers”

If the golfers didn’t walk off the course on the island hole they would’ve been really surprised at the next hole which included claymore mines, snipers, and lots of sand traps with Spanish Inquisitors standing nearby. :-)

16 hours in and I’m really enjoying this relaxing little game. I can’t help but make non-standard style courses.

Hole 6 - got the Upward Roller Award

Hole #2 got the Hydro Award

Hole #3
Shoot through through the rock (or over is you’re insanely good) and progress down the tree-lined thoroughfare.

My old simgolf spidey senses tingle and reckon that you need something at the front of that green on 3 to stop better golfers thinking that the approach shot is dull.

Going to have to buy this game now…

Those look fantastic! Good job.

Good to hear. Steam reviews are starting to pick up and are at “Very positive” as well.

How are the graphics? it looks great in screenshots, but how is it in motion?

It looks great in motion.