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Evening all,

Those kind gents at CoDo granted me an interview and it turned out to be something special. They really didn’t hold back and answered all my questions candidily. Topics included the costs and profitability of LSN and where they’re going.

You definitely want to check this out if a fan of their stuff;


thanks again to the CoDo guys, who really are setting the standard for what games companies should be like!

(Apologies if this offends anyone as bordering on spam, Im just a webmonkey trying to promote my baby a little with some genuinely interesting exclusive material. Ive participated on LSN threads here before so thought some of you may get a kick out of it.)


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CoDo: Yes, precisely. We were persuaded, under duress, to sell the X-Com license to MicroProse, and then had to watch as the loyal X-Com fans were subjected to sequels that were not even in the same genre as the original X-Com. We thought that this was a waste of all the hard work we had done, even though we didn’t receive a penny from subsequent X-Com games.

  1. Persuaded under duress? Did they hold their heads in the toilet?

  2. As a “loyal X-Com” fan, I was not subjected to any of the atrocious sequels because I refused to buy them. Turds wrapped in cellophane with the letters “X-Com” on them does not inspire continued loyalty.

  3. They didn’t receive a penny from subsequent X-Com games? Of course they did. They sold the license. Licenses are only worth money because somebody intends to sell future games based on the license! The money they got pays them what they believed was a fair share for the value they gave up by not being involved in subsequent games.


I think MicroProse contracted out to Deathrow Records and had Suge Knight and his gang (and by gang I mean a diverse and jovial group of his dearest friends) “convince” them that it was in their best interests to sell the license.