Gommorah (Sundance TV)


I’m really stoked for this.. Lots of movies and television about Italian-American mobsters, but this is the first show I’ve seen about Italian-Italian mobs. Not the Mafia, but the Camora - Naple’s version of organized crime.

If it’s half as good as Rectify (the best show nobody watches) I’ll be all over it like stink on a chimpanzee.


I was going to ask if it’s any relation to the film of the same name, but I guess they are both based on the same book by a guy named Robert Saviano. The series will be touching on parts the movie didn’t cover.


I had no idea there was also a film and book. Are they worth tracking down?


The film is on Netflix, and probably worthwhile although I found it a bit strangely paced. I have no familiarity with the book.


So I have it recorded but haven’t watched it yet. A 2 1/2 hour pilot? Yikes.

I guess this was imported from Italy, where it was very successful. I’m not expecting another Sopranos, but I’m confident it will at least be enjoyable.


This series just popped up on Netflix.