Gonna send off a Christmas card to AEG (Freelancer, Derek :)


What does that mean?

Hi there,
just a question about equipment: in Privateer there was some special equipment if you did follow the storyline. How about Freelancer? Can you get all the goodies without following the plot or do you have to do the missions?


Can you get all the goodies without following the plot or do you have to do the missions?

My understanding is that there’s one ship you unlock for finishing the storyline. Otherwise, I’m pretty sure it’s all available in the freeform game.


A good website with Freelancer info. :) I don’t make sense after 11…

heh, I doubt that anyone expected a game with a storyline would be as freeform as one expects - at least not in the mere sense of the word.

Funny, I was just talking about that in one of my recent interviews I did with either Canadian Gamer or Gamescreen shots - can’t remember now

ps: Thanks for changing the subject :D

EDIT: I found the interview. See the second question

More impressions: second half of the story just goes downhill. It completely rips off a particularly bad Star Trek: TNG episode… that’s all I’m spoiling for you. I mean, honestly… crap, I can’t say anything without spoiling. But trust me on this, when the game is released, a rant is coming forth. Or my name isn’t Derek Sm… er… Jakub Wojnarowicz!

The plot missions stay quite fun, but the final mission was ridiculously easy compared to the very tough 3 or 4 missions leading up to it.

I completed the game but if I got a ‘secret’ ship, it was the same one I bought from the last faction you work with… so it’s nothing special.

There’s a ton of information you get for doing the campaign. You get all these secret jump holes that make travel a lot faster, you see a few secret bases. It’s worth it :)

Anyway, none of this is final opinion or even review-worthy. I will say this, be it the hype I felt when I got the disc or not, this was one of the few games I’ve played in recent memory that had me pull a Friday Night Redeye Special. :D


Anyway, none of this is final opinion or even review-worthy. I will say this, be it the hype I felt when I got the disc or not, this was one of the few games I’ve played in recent memory that had me pull a Friday Night Redeye Special. :D

Thats a good thing!!

Though I’m disappointed to hear that its not as freeform* as Privateer, I am looking forward to this one.

*not sure what the hell Tom is going on about in comparing a single player freeform game to a multiplayer one - when in fact the multiplayer universe has to be open for the very fact that its, well, muliplayer and is a sandbox. Maybe I missed something Tom?

Well I am excited, thats for damn sure. These impressions make me very excited for this game: combine Freespace 2 with Privateer with a good story and some extras=lots of fun!

Half the story is good :) And my key dissapointment is that it’s NOT like FS2… it doesn’t have the sim options and the ships/combat aren’t as interesting.

[edit]Wow, I just realized that was my 256th post. I’m an 8-bit postwhore now![/edit]

I’m pretty pleased with Freelancer thus far (I haven’t played much yet). A I’ve held a dismal view of the title for a couple years now, I had no interest in seeing it at last year’s E3 and Gen Con. Like Ben, I take a very skeptical view of vaporware (it comes from having to play Daikatanna to completion for review).

PS: Welcome aboard Cenk. It’s been a while.

I finally got it up and running, and while I haven’t got a lot to add to the comments on the gameplay yet, I will say that I’m pleasantly surprised at how well the mouse control system works. Those who were griping about the lack of joystick control will change their tune once they try it. (And it’s not like an intergalactic space ship works with rudders and ailerons anyway ;) )

I’ll be looking hard at how linear versus open the game feels - one of my pet bugaboos is a game like this that forces you to play in a pre-defined manner.

I swear to God, if you guys don’t stop, someone’s gonna get hurt. Or at the very least, have their house broken into. :D

/me sauntering off sulking and wonderin’ who am gonna have to piss off to get a pre-release copy

Hey Derek, have them mail you two… :)

Lancers Reactor had a movie up for download. Has quite a long bit of in-game footage.


I can’t even BEGIN to imagine using a joystick for this…


Yeah, there’s no way you could use a joystick in the game. No way at all.

I’m glad they stuck by their guns and didn’t include it.

Am I nuts, or barring a couple nice particle system effects, do FreeSpace 2 and Allegiance have better graphics? To be fair, I love the planetary takeoff, but it looked like a canned sequence as opposed to a freeform takeoff ala Frontier: Elite. It looked very middle of the road DX7 plus particle systems and higher polygon counts to me or maybe that’s just the video artifacting. I didn’t see any strong evidence of cool vertex or pixel shader effects anywhere.

I also didn’t feel particularly engaged by the dogfighting. It seemed like pretty rudimentary AI - head for your target then shoot shoot shoot lather rinse repeat. So take out the equivalent of an Owens mech in mechassault and you should rule the stars.

Would I be correct in assuming that the “planet” was maybe 2 miles across or were those ships from the land of the giants? Can you actually fly into an atmosphere and cruise around an entire world? A 2 mile world would certainly make that a lot easier :-). One would think some of those close flybys would mean instant death from any self-respecting capital ship or outpost. I so love the FS2 capital ship beams and flak cannons.

Are they going to allow networked solution of the campaigns ala Starlancer: one of its few saving graces IMO?

The multiplayer is sandbox mode, you can join up on missions or ignore everyone else.

Videos are terrible artifices for understanding or coming to judgement on games. The graphics deserve more merit than you give them, but they are dated to the core tech.

Looks on par with Starlancer to me so I’d agree with that statement. The best part of Starlancer IMO was its launches as well - one of the few things missing from FS2.

As far as I know, its all canned sequences. Dunno if its as rubbish as EnB planetary mode though.

Anyway, everyone knows that FL has been in the making for quite some time - as such, the tech is going to be long in the tooth. If the graphics are good enough to match the gameplay, I see no problem. I plan on getting it.

Regardless, I hope that for the luv of God and all those cute cherubs, thats it not another fiasco like Iwar2, Terminus, Starlancer, STBC etc etc.

Well, almost all space games are insanely out of scale. How can you possibly ever see an enemy spaceship at realistic space combat distances? You can’t even see a planetary disk at realistic combat distances… What are all those nebulae doing all over the place, for that matter, in all these games?

In space you can pretty much see nothing but stars and things which might as well be stars unless you are actually landing on something or maybe for some strange reason flying in very close formation. OK, in orbit around a planet you can see the planet and moons maybe, and you can see the disk of a sun when in system, but that’s about it. However, everyone feels the necessity of having asteroid belts with an incredibly dense field of rocks just a kilometer or less apart from one another… Everyone finds it necessary to have space dogfighting at WW I dogfight distances (WW II dogfights would be too far away to have nice graphics of the ships in combat) and so on and so on… Everyone lets you hear remote ship and combat noise in space, and almost everyone requires constant acceleration to maintain speed because their coordinate system is really too small to manage realistic speed variations and because widely varying ship velocities at close range doesn’t work with the graphics or with the AI, etc. etc. etc. ad infinitum.

I consider these inaccuracies to almost be assumed properties of the space game genre, and when one is not present, for example when some designer amazingly follows Newtonian physics in maintaining velocity when no other forces are at work on a spaceship, I am pleasantly surprised. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a game with proper orbital mechanics apart from sims specifically designed for that purpose.

BTW, I haven’t played Mr Smart’s BC series, so I have no idea how many of these “everyone” remarks are applicable there, but they are very widely applicable to most other space games, albeit with a few exceptions here and there, and it is almost useless to criticize any given game for following the conventions used by so many dozens, scores, or hundreds of other movies and games.