Good article on the new Matrix movies

They also say the Matrix game will be released at the same time as Reloaded. I wonder if that will happen.

Strange, the movie is due in a scant five months and we’ve yet to see a screenshot? Maybe they mean The game will come out at the same time as the DVD release… :D

You haven’t seen any screenshots? There was a big spread on the game in Game Informer a couple months ago.

Maybe he’s trying to forget that ever happened, I know I am.

So they’re doing two sequels that were shot simultaneously, and the first one ends with a cliff-hanger? Sounds like it’s really supposed to be a single very long film. Yeah, Matrix was great but I’m not sure how they’re going to fill maybe four hours with new material from the same setting.

The article states that the first movie, the one in May, takes place after the first movie in the matrix computer universe, and the last movie takes place in the past in the real universe. Sounds like Back to the Future! or Teminator (that new Terminator trailer sucks!) supposedly more of an intertwined trilogy. I wish I didn’t read the spoilers on the link, but oh well, still sounds really cool.

Kind of ironic that Matrix and LoTR are the ‘Star Wars’ of the new millenium, and the new Star Wars trilogy seems to pale in comparison. I’m kind of hoping Lucas proves people wrong with the last movie… but somehow I think hes gonna fuck it up …


I like how in the article, that one guy is raving about his “invention” – virtual cinematography, and then uses the example of the 100 Hugo Weavings. I realize it’s Newsweek or whatever, but hello, didn’t LotR essentially use variations of this already? Isn’t “virtual cinematography” what practically every effect film does, i.e. scans the actors, manipulates them digitally? What exactly am I missing?

As cool as this article makes the sequels sound, I’m gonna take it with a grain of salt. It’s a lot harder to pull off a Gollum then to fill up the screen with fights, in my mind.

…isn’t that what LOTR did? And to great effect - so far?

I’m with you. And man, did they pull off Gollum in TTT. I was agape right to the end. Even that Yoda-man bullshit in SWE2 pales in comparison.

Yeah, Star Wars is the Star Trek debacle of the new millenium.

Really? The news never made it to any of the sites I generally read. Or maybe I didnt bother paying any attention because Shiney’s track record is spotty at best.

The news never made it to any of the sites I generally read.

Uh…Game Informer is a print magazine. Nobody magazine warezed it I guess…


I didn’t quite read it that way, sounded like Revolutions will continue chronologically from Reloaded.

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Die Heathen! Shiny KICKS TEH AASS!!!1!!

Seriously. I thought both MDK’s were great, Messiah was hella fun, Sacrifice looks schweet (on my “to play” list), and the Earthworm Jims were cool (admittedly I only played the first for any length of time). Of course they don’t have million unit sellers, but still the games are pretty f-in’ good.

BioWare did the second one, not Shiny

They’re building digital models of the actors through 5-camera hi-res digital motion photography. Can these models then be manipulated to do anything, just as if you had a model that you built in Maya, or it is simply that the footage can be rotated and viewed from any camera angle IN POST PRODUCTION is unclear (my guess is the latter) – but either way, the benefits over simply blue screening and cloning actor footage is obvious. Unlike a “1000-tiny-people” battle scene, I guess blue screening and multiplying wasn’t good enough for the trickier stuff Matrix Reloaded has in store, like close-up no-edits Kung-Fu scenes.

Anyway, the journalist himself calls is a “gross oversimplification”, so there is probably more involved. Whether or not it lives up to John Gaeta’s hype is obviously to be determined, but since he delivered like Pink Dot on the first movie, we’ve got no reason to doubt him.

BioWare did the second one, not Shiny[/quote]

Yeah GMicek always says that when I am talking about how cool Shiny is. I suppose if I simply remembered and stopped lumping them in together, there would be nothing to argue about.