Good batch video converter program?

I just installed a D-Link DSM-320 video server in our living room. VERY slick device that plays the stuff I record off Snapstream Beyond TV on our main TV set, via 802.11g. However, they support MPEG1/2 and Xvid for video. Darn thing won’t play DivX videos, even though the Xvid codec on the PC that acts as the server will. Go figure.

Anyway, I need to convert some old Tick and Star Trek episodes from DivX to Xvid. Anyone found a good batch converter that’ll basically just let you select from the codecs installed on your system? TMPGEnc won’t convert to compressed AVI formats.

Virtual Dub? I’ve only used it occasionally, but the developer seems like a batch-convert kind of guy. It uses the codec you already have in your system, so you should be good to go with those.