Good budget app for the Android?

My daughter is living away from home (yeah!) and just got a job (yeah!) and is almost off my books (YEAH!) Like many folks, though, she sucks at managing her money.

She is looking for a budget program for her Android phone (Galaxy S4 - graduation present. ;) ) Something that would pop up reminders when a bill is due, easily allow her to enter her spending, categorize it, enter her income, put in regular bills and one time expenses, review spending, give her alerts, etc. But as simply/elegantly as possible. Something she could easily enter purchases into (so she’d do it at the time, with little barrier to entry.) A few bucks for something useful is no problem.

When I look at reviews online for top rated programs I see all kinds of negatives for all of them, so I’m looking for actual experiences from users here. ;)

Thanks! (I have an iPhone, so I can’t test them out on my phone, FWIW.)

Has she tried Mint?

Yeah, and I don’t recall exactly what didn’t work for her about it (how’s that for helping you help me, LOL!) Oh yeah - the app requires you to go to their website for a lot of things, including settings, etc. (I have Mint on my iPhone.) She wants something more self-contained on her phone if possible.


EasyMoney is the shit. Been using it for over a year. It has bill reminders, weekly budgets and all sorts of goodies.