Good cheap 20" LCDs

I’m looking to replace my second monitor (which is a CRT) with an LCD and i think a 20" would be swell. Are there any good brands that would cost around $250 or less?

Dell has a series of cheaper monitors these days (no TV input, no USB hubs built in, less expensive panels) which are 20" widescreens and fit your price point. No clue about quality though. I can’t find a good review site for monitors, and trawling at the hardware site forums is pretty useless too because I can’t tell if there are real problems with things or people are being ultra-picky hardware snobs.

Also if you have a costco membership I believe there are a couple monitors that hit that price-range after rebate listed on their website.

Samsung SyncMaster 205BW just won our latest test of the cheaper end of the market.

I got this one last spring -

I’ve been really happy with it. No issues at all. Looks great with my 360.

My LG L204WT was on sale for a mere $329 (Cdn!) at Future Shop and it boasts a 2000:1 contrast ratio; 5 ms response time; and a full three year warranty. Best monitor I’ve ever owned. Only caveat… it doesn’t have 1:1 pixel mapping so standard 4:3 games without widescreen support (are you listening EA!) are stretched to fit the 16:10 display. (Even with a DVI cable hook-up).

You can probably get a 22" for the equivalent of $300. I’m sure my Acer would be close to that.

I know its not a 20 inch but this is not a bad deal. I am seriously debating going this morning and getting one.

You want bigger :)
19" to 20" is a noticable difference, and 20" to 22" looks like a massive leap.
They still don’t take up much deskspace.