Good city building game for Android that you just buy outright

My wife needs something that you just buy up front, so there’s no price gouging for buying time or credits.
I can’t find anything on my own. It’s all this free-to-play with ads, pay-to-play crap.

Paragon Pioneers is great if an Anno-lite sounds appealing.

Pocket City is fun, although not challenging.

Another vote for Pocket City - and PC2 is coming soon too! Neither have ads or micro transactions.

PC is very sim city 2000ish - it gets more challenging later when you fill up the region and want to continue to advance levels…

Pocket city

Second, third, and fourth this. Paragon Pioneers would is high on my best and most-played games of 2022 list. $5 up front with no ads or IAPs. Has a free demo (with progress carryover) if you want to try it out.

Bought! I can’t remember the last time I played a game on my phone (back in the iPhone 3GS days I was into phone gaming hugely) but this looks like a cool little game.

TheoTown is good on Steam, not sure on Android

TheoTown for IOS has these in app purchases

Too bad, I didn’t realize that - I’ve mostly played the Steam version and thought they were identical…

None of them look like a reasonable unlock everything