Good deal on HP printer starting 7/4

Several months back I bought an HP P2055DN, a laser printer that has built-in (ethernet) networking and duplexing. It’s a good printer - very fast and very reliable.

List on this printer is $400, but Staples will start running a deal on Sunday that knocks $75 off the price instantly and an additional $50 for the trade-in of any printer. I’m going to buy two more for our office.

The Brother and Samsung printers are a much better deal I would say.

How’s it do with envelopes?


See if this URL works for you.

It handles envelopes just fine.

I gave up HP printers after the Vista / Windows 7 driver debacle, thanks. My mom just got bit by this with a $2,000 color laser printer that HP didn’t do updated drivers for.

I have two very new HP printers for which I had no trouble getting Windows 7 drivers. Luckily it’s something you can check ahead of time.

And if you have sworn off HP printers, why even read this thread, much less post here that you’ve sworn off HP printers? I have two in my office that have been running strong for 10 years. I’m only replacing them because we need something faster that will do duplexing.

I feel it’s my duty! I saw the “HP printer deal” and given their “don’t upgrade drivers to force hardware upgrade” policy of recent years, I had to come in here and rant.

That’s expected Intarweb behavior, you know!

(As I think about it, it also affected my mom’s inkjet, too. She had serious brand loyalty, but after HP sunsetted support for her entire collection of not-very-old printers, she’s an Epson woman now.)