Good Digg alternative?

I have had the top 5 Digg links on my Google homepage for about a year. I don’t participate, but I like having an ever-changing little group of fun links and oddball (and not so oddball) news stories on my homepage. As you may be aware, Digg is retarded and lame now. Anyone know a good alternative?

It is? Why didn’t anyone mention this in their blog/podcast/RSS feed? Sometimes I hate going to sleep and waking up and being out of touch for the last 8 hours.

Anyway, there are a ton of competitors like delicious and stumble on, but there seems to be a lot of niche digg sits springing up, like dzone for general software developers, devbump which is for game developers.


Another vote for Reddit.

Edit: Typo.

Reddit is your friend. Well, he’s my friend anyway. Maybe if you’re nice, he’ll let you look at his goodies…

I will say that Reddit is really a niche site. There’s a lot of support for Ron Paul, and there’s a lot of Web-celeb stuff, neither which I really care about. And you’ll rarely see huge headlines stuff there, but you will find a lot of important news you wouldn’t see in the headlines.

Also, the community is much friendlier than Digg’s.

I used to like reddit but now visit it less and less because the front page of stuff has gotten way too niche and as tromik mentioned is dominated with Ron Paul articles and economy doom & gloom stuff (not that I don’t think the US economy is in trouble, I just don’t need to read 10 articles about it every day).

I used to love digg, it is starting to fall apart under its own weight now. :/

Rose should have sold when he had the chance six months ago.