Good, durable earphones?


Yeah, a pair of headphones that I can wear while sleeping would be the holy grail for me.


Try Westone IEMs. They are pricey, but they are really comfortable, and sit inside the ear such that you can sleep on the side and not have the pillow push them further into your ears. Look for other IEMs that are similar shape, but sometimes you can’t tell how much they bulge out.



Thanks man. But I am a side sleeper and there are complaints about pain in the Amazon comments.


How about this?


I know these shouldn’t work, but they do for me.

Very comfortable and I have fallen asleep with them many times., Particularly good for sleeping on flights.

Bonus they have a hardwire connection as well as bluetooth and noise cancelling.


The one I have by AGPtek work fine for me as a side sleeper, but Amazon doesn’t seem to carry it anymore.


Oh wait, no, here’s the new listing.


These look pretty good. Not too expensive. I am worried tho based on reviews about the durability. I guess sometimes they just snap at the joints. The headphones I use right now are super durable, but they’re not comfortable.


Somewhat tangential but on the topic of earphones:
I’ve seen a number of articles recently trying to gin up some kind of worry about the iPhone “LIsten” capability. Basically you turn it on and you can put your phone down and then listen to everything your mic hears, even if you’re in another room, via Bluetooth. People are waving their hands that this could be use to spy on people if you leave you iphone in the room (it was designed as a cheap hearing assistance app.)

The articles all say “if you have Apple Airphones” - in fact, one Mac site says specifically it only works with Airpods - but I did a test with my Jabra Elite 65t Bluetooth earphones and it works with those also. I assume it works with any Bluetooth wireless earphones.



Another reason they need to put back in the headphone jack and the superior wired option.


I love my Jabra Elite 65t wireless earphones, but I have an adapter to use regular cheaper wired ones.


Just finally got them, and for merely 6 euros, the sound quality and ear comfort is quite amazing.


Will those Phillips without a super sweaty dude?


Apologies, Jeff, I think there might be a typo or missing word in your question that’s making it tough for me to grok. Could you rephrase it? Happy to answer anything about 'em :)


He’s talking about Will Wheaton and Ethan Phillips. Are they super sweaty dudes?


OH hhahaha. Will they work and hold up well for someone who is very sweaty? Well I’m not more sweaty than the normal person but my sweat is extremely high in salt content making it more corrosive due to my CF.


I mean I’m a pretty sweaty mofo with very salty sweat and they seemed to last fairly well for me. I mean, not forever. But I’d get 2-3 years out of each pair, and at like $15-20 apiece, that worked well. The Amazon vendor selling them now is vastly overpricing them.

Despite the weird unrelated white over-the-head pair pictured initially on this page, CVS appears to still have the ones I liked so much available for a good price.



Warning: the above linkage may come with uncomfortable and numerous shots of badly maintained man hairs.
(also one of their top earbud picks doesn’t seem to exist, uh)