Good free apps for a Treo 650?

So my job requires that I carry a Treo (the 650 is what they give out to the worker bees, while less budget concious groups can get a 700) and I’m ok with it but I’m sorta surprised that it doesn’t come with an alarm app. Anyone know of a good, free alarm app for the 650? Any other (free) apps I should have on this thing?

Had one. Loved it.

Recommend NESem.

NESem is 15 bucks. I don’t like tiny-screened emulators enough to pay for them.
The google mobile stuff. goto from the phone.
Includes a nice gmail interface, as well as that google maps thing that everyone is gaga over for on the iphone not realizing it’s essentially already out for the Treo. Doesn’t know where you are though far as I can tell, but you can lookup pizza places or what have you in the vicinity of an address and dial it straight from the google maps app.

Yeah, I grabbed the Google Maps for mobile app last week. Works really well! I was sorta shocked the satellite view was in there as well.