Good (Free) Online Chess site?

Is there a good site I could go to in order to play Chess with some long distance friends? I’m sure I could just do a google search and find several options, but I was hoping someone might have some quality suggestions to help me sort the wheat from the chaffe. So to speak. However you spell chaffe there.


Back when I was into online chess I would mostly hang out at Red Hot Pawn, which I thought was a nice interface and a decent community. I haven’t tried any of the (seemingly hundreds) of other sites, though, and I’m not a super-serious chess player or anything. I thought it was a good site for playing a few games with friends and the occasional pick-up match. They will calculate your official chess rating based on wins and losses, if that interests you.

Chess With Friends also works if you’re on a mobile.

— Alan

I like quite a bit.

I’m curently using as well - it has apps for both android and Iphone and you can use the site as well. Its pretty damn good, actually.

I second this, good app, lots of people to play against and having it on your mobile is super handy for passing 10-15 mins here and there.

Hi, I just noticed this thread.

Chess With Friends does work OK, and it has the nice Facebook integration and is not intimidating to people who like Words With Friends.

However, I want to suggest as being a better alternative:

(1) Clients for the web, iPhone, and other platforms.
(2) More players. Better players.
(3) “Tactics training” (several per day at the free level).
(4) post-game computer analysis so you can find out where you screwed up.

I actually paid for the extended dance remix membership because I wanted access to the “Chess Mentor” programmed instruction, which is pretty great.

My username on is peterb1201. Feel free to send me a challenge.

Bumping this to highlight a new chess matchmaking site brought to us by the company that makes the Shredder chess program. Its called and is playable in a browser or with an iOS app. It (or at least the iOS app) was unveiled just last week.

Its free and you can play as an anonymous guest. Or you can register for free and play up to three games at a time. Or you can get a premium membership for (I believe) unlimited games and other perks. I have registered but not yet paid, and I’ve been playing against some guys at the Pocket Tactics site on my phone. We’re playing asynchronous, though you can see if your opponent is online when you are, and then it can become essentially a live game. There’s also a chat function. The games are synched with the browser version, so you can play a single game jumping back and forth between the phone app and the browser (maybe already does this, not sure). The iOS app is quite simply the best MP chess app I’ve tried. Really slick.

Not sure of plans for an Android version, but I suppose you could play on an Android phone through the browser. Note that this is separate from the company’s original product, the chess tutor/opponent Shredder.

Thanks, I’ve been looking for something like this. My wife is interested in learning, so now I can stomp her remotely. :)

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