Good Freeware Voice Recognition / Dictation Software for Win 7

Can someone recommend me good voice recog / dictation software for Win 7?

I have a reasonable mic I can use (USB).

There is lots o crap software out there… havent found anything great yet.

Suggestions? Thanks

There is speech recognition already in the OS in Windows 7. I’ve never used it, but you can find it someplace, try the help system.

If that doesn’t suit you, I very much doubt there is even mediocre freeware available from any third party, though I would be happy to learn otherwise. Developing this kind of software requires very specialized mathematical and linguistic expertise, assembled and concerted over time, which is unlikely to be found in most open source groups. There’s a reason Nuance makes so much money, not just on the mass market Dragon software they acquired, but on their enterprise offerings as well.

For reference, you can find Windows Speech Recognition under Start, All Programs, Accessories, Ease of Access, Windows Speech Recognition.

I guess you could also try uploading the recording to YouTube and using their Automatic caption facilities.