Good Freeware

Ok. I’m looking for some good freeware. Something that is fun and free. Being the cheap broke bastard that I am, I need some good free stuff. Any recommendations?

Solitaire with a deck of cards?

First off, I hope you know about Home of the Underdogs, which is where I’ve gotten most of my favorite free games. The site is at .

Most of the stuff there is abandonware and can be downloaded for free. Recently, I was amazed to be able to download the complete version of Incubation, which I bought years ago but could never get into, and am now enjoying quite a bit. If you’re a strategy nut, I would also recommend checking out the KOEI games on offer there, particularly Celtic Tales: Balor of the Evil Eye.

Jeff Vogel’s old-school but highly enjoyable RPGs can be downloaded from the Spiderweb Software site at . You have to register and pay to unlock the full game, but the free version allows you to play quite a large part of what are enormous games.

Laser Squad Nemesis, an amazing play-by-email game from the folks who created the original X-Com series, allows you to download and play for free, but only if you are challenged by someone who has paid and registered. Check out their site at ; if you like what you see, let me know and I’d be happy to challenge you to a friendly game. Right now a 6-month subscription is a $25, and even though you’re cheap, you may want to consider this investment. LSN is easily the game from which I have derived the most value for my gaming dollar. I’ve played 271 matches over the past year, and it never gets old. They’re continuously adding new content. The big upcoming addition will be a fourth race.

Jason, I went to Underdogs but did not see where to D/L files. Do you have to be a member.

Ooops, didn’t look hard enough. Found it now. Thanks for the site though, a lot of cool older games there.

Tierra Entertainment released their Kings Quest 2 game a little while back. It’s like a remake of KQ2 but with a number of improvements, including graphics. Pretty good stuff. Similar enough to the original that it’ll bring back memories, but enough changes in the story that it feels new.

I really like HOTU, very cool site. Getting the games to run is a bitch sometimes, but… Any other suggestions? I like RPGs, Stratagy, anything really.

Hmm, didn’t they just re-release Star Control 2 as freeware, and updated to work on modern OSes?

The indie GOTY thread also had a number of freeware/shareware games that were entertaining.

BF1942 Wake demo is almost a game in itself.

Popcap has some great games that you can play online at no charge. Don’t know if that’s what your looking for or not, as the games are really simple and not exactly “deep,” but man – they’ve got some great ones.

I checked out that tip on the complete Incubation at Underdogs; just wanted to note that it is a “CD-rip” version, which usually means that music and movies have been removed. That doesn’t matter to some folks, but as a musician and animator I’m a fan of the complete experience…

I checked that link out because I coincidentally lost a couple bidding wars for Incubation on eBay awhile back!

Now why would anyone give up a copy of Incubation? My copy and expansion still get installed now and again. Now if it gets up to $500.00 or so I could probably see my way to letting it go.

Hmm… I will have to check out Incubation. Any other sugestions?

Oh, I’m looking for deeper games (not the 5 min quickies).

Popcap rocks. Bejewelled 0wnz3rz me.

I still play Snood and Passage (scroll to the bottom of this page) on occasion. My wife plays Snood daily.

Icy Tower is a free game I had a lot of fun with. It’s a silly little action game, reminiscent of old Amiga games, and if you want something deeper it won’t satisfy. But it burned up a lot of my time. I got into a little high-score race with some of the Gone Golders… and emerged triumphant! :)

The Spiderweb RPGs are fantastic, though not really freeware since you have to buy the game once you beat the first chapter or so.

The whole “rogue-like” world is a great source of vast gameplay for free download. Some of my favorites are “ADOM”, “Dungeon Crawl”, and of course the venerable “nethack”. No graphics to speak of (literally!) but the gameplay is hard to beat.

Fun, fun, fun. :D

I second the ADOM reccomendation. Ancient Domains of Mystery that is. You’d be surprised hom much deeper than most current crpg’s this game is… at least in terms of rpg character development. And its all less than 2mb to download! I’m still surprised there hasn’t been a big budget version of the game.


Ok, this stuff should keep me busy for a while… Thanks.