Good GBA puzzle games?

Hey everyone,

I’ve been looking for a good puzzle game for the GBA - any recommendations? I need something for my lunchtime “quick game” fix!


Super Puzzle Fighter 2 Turbo!

It’s good fun.

Only tried the DC version, but CHU CHU ROCKET!

I’m a huge fan on Chu Chu Rocket on the Dreamcast, but I can’t recommend it on the GBA. The primary issue with the GBA implementation of the game is the control mapping in the real-time portion of the game. Laying arrows down in the DC version of the game is very easy - each arrow maps to the respective button of the diamond on the right side of the controller. Even though the GBA version of the game features a number of different controller configurations, the GBA button layout never presents an intuitive mapping like the DC version. Even after playing the game for a number of hours I was still making mistakes repeatedly. Chu Chu Rocket is a REALLY fast puzzle game and the slightest mistake (esp during a ‘cat attack’) can make a difference between victory and defeat. I found myself more often frustrated than “in the zone” for that portion of the game.

Fortunately there is a low-key puzzle mode that is similar to “The Incredible Machine” that doesn’t require such high speed reactions and is still as enjoyable as the DC version.


Thanks! Super Puzzle Fighter looks like what I had in mind - I’m gonna look for it next time I’m at the store.

I love Chu-Chu on the Dreamcast as well, but I’d have to agree it would be hard to play on the GBA. I like it more as a party game anyhow - single player gets pretty aggravating unless I’m feeling unusually quick-fingered!

Also check out WarioWare. It’s technically not a puzzle game but it plays out much like one. You play a string of 10-20 minigames for 3-4 seconds at a time. It’s perfect for just picking up and playing.

gulroz chang poo is the greatest. import, but should be cheap I cant imagine they sell alot of them as no one knows how fun it is.

oh and the gba puyo puyo is quite faithful and nice.