Good Halloween fun or creepy spider food?

The wife, the kids, and I spent this past weekend celebrating Halloween by visiting a campground in Western Maryland and taking part in the traditional late October festivities. We lined the kids up for the costume contest and then wandered around the campground filling their little pumpkins with all sorts of goodies. It was a good bit of fun.

Campground folks, both visitors and full-timers, go quite insane with the Halloween decorations. The prizes given to the most decorated sites truly bring out the inner Chevy Chase of the residents. Generally, this is a good thing. We spent the day walking past all types of gravesites, witches, and ghosts. Then, we stopped by the yearly winner.

They had half a body on a operating table. Jars with heads lined the medical site. A head would lift off a body and scream at you. Creepy things adorned the walkway. A giant demon rested upon the camper. Great fun, until we walked past a little shed, almost hidden in the background among all the monster noise.

There wasn’t anything particularly interesting about the shed outside of the witch nearby and the spiderwebs spread liberally around. Sacs of webbing hung from the roof. Little sacs filled with baby dolls.

That creeped me out and freaked out the wife. We went from, “Look at all the pretty decorations” to “Kids, let’s go.” The host went from somewhat odd to extremely creepy, potential child molester. We quickly made our way along the road.

So, here’s my question: Good Halloween fun or creepy as all hell?

Child molester?

You have some issues, making an association like that.

I hope you called Chris Hansen and the FBI!

I don’t get it. Dismembered bodies are a-okay but dolls wrapped in spiderwebs are grounds for getting the hell out of there?

To fill in some info to flesh the story out a bit, the guy looked like a redneck version of John Waters, complete with the molester moustache and all. The whole babies hanging upseide down thing was pretty crazy to see, my wife had this “WTF?!!1!??” look on her face, and when I saw it, I got kind of freaked out a bit too, and I’m not all that easily disturbed, as Fuzzy can attest to. :D

I just don’t see the link between Pod Babies and Chester the Molester. I’m sure it was creepy though.

This thread is useless without pictures.

I should say that I didn’t really think the person was a child molester but wanted to note the little protective signal that went off in a young father’s head. Obviously, I wonder if I overreacted. Hence, the question.

You know, I think I have some pics of the main event and not of the babies. Bummer. I think they would have helped.

Imagine this guy , and upside down naked babies wrapped in spider webs. Note: He sounds all lispey-link too, but with a southern accent. As in, “Hi guythss, you all look thooooooperrrr!!!”

The obvious response would have been to go back to your camper, grab your flamethrowers, head back there and torch the whole shed area. It’s really the only way to be sure.

But, that’s what I see in my head every time I think of you, Griddle!

I’ll just have to take your word for it. As a side note, congratulations on selecting this thread to end your four-month Qt3 lurking period!

Oh you… :P

You know, there was a striking resemblance.

Yeah, redneck John Waters is pretty much spot-on, get the torches and pitchforks, we march at dawn.


On the other hand, kudos to the folks running the haunted house/cemetery for making it convincing enough to disturb adults.

Just so you know, that wasn’t the haunted house, that was just Redneck John Waters camping trailer that he lives in. The Haunted house was 1/4 mile up the hill, operated by different people. I suppose this is one of those “you had to be there” things.

Intentionally cropped to ward off any possible identification.

I can see where that could be a little creepy.

Not warranting Child Molester status, but definitely “Are you on any meds?” creepy.