Good iOS games?

Kind of late to the party, and wondering what titles are worthwhile on iOS. So far I’ve liked Breach & Clear, Republique, and The Bard’s Tale port.

I would read through the existing iOS game thread and maybe iPAD threads. Plenty of suggestions there.

IOS Thread


For a few suggestions (I play on an iPAD so not certain all would be great on an iPhone).

Lords of Waterdeep
Kingdom Rush (TD)
Paint it Black
Space Miner Blast (fun game)

Neuroshima Hex
Grand Theft Auto: III, Vice City, San Andreas, Chinatown Wars
Boson X
Super Hexagon
Plants vs Zombies
Zuma’s Revenge
Angry Birds: Star Wars
Mutant Mudds
Super Crate Box
Sonic 1, 2, CD
Sonic All Star Racing: Transformed
Cardinal Quest
Organ Trail
Pro Strategy Football 2013
Super Stickman Golf 2
Worms 3

Those are a few of my favorites.

To add to the above, I would recommend:

Space Miner (original over Blast, personally)
Civilization Revolutions (iPad)
Lost Cities
Mr Karoshi
New Star Soccer
Fairway Solitaire

My favorites in addition to those mentioned. Note: I own a fair number gaming platforms so I usually prefer iPad games pretty much made for the platform rather than ports (I think GoF might be the only port here, unless you count Sorcery). These really shine as they really make use of the tactility of the touch interface (perhaps excluding Bike Baron, but it is a good example of reducing Trials complexity to 2 touches):

Year Walk
Device 6
Galaxy on Fire 2
Bike Baron
The Room
Path pix Hd

I agree with Neuroshima Hex, Carcassonne, and 868-HACK.

edit: wow they hadn’t mentioned Carcassonne already?! It’s excellent on iOS.

BTW, I played through a few campaigns of Battle for Wesnoth, and picked it up again (new developer) and I’d forgotten how much fun it is. If you like tactical RPGs, I’d recommend it - I enjoyed the gameplay much more than other iOS tRPGs, even though the graphics are pretty vanilla.

Also, no love for King of Dragon Pass? It’s not my favorite game, but the gameplay is distinctive enough that I think everyone ought to buy it and try it out.

+1 to Rebuild which was mentioned above.

I was going to mention King of Dragon Pass. I’ve had it on my iPod for months but I haven’t put much time into it. It just hasn’t grabbed me for some reason. Maybe some day.

I can’t believe I forgot to mention Fairway Solitaire though. I played the hell out of that game. I wish they’d update the Android version so I can play it on my Nexus 7 in full HD glory.

Some other ones that I’ve enjoyed.

ChuChu Rocket!
Beat Hazard Ultra
UnBlock Me
Dubble Bubble Shooter
Need For Speed: Most Wanted
Amazing Breaker
Gunman Clive
Paper Monsters
Jetpack Joyride
Real Racing 2
Zombie Tsunami
Sword & Glory
Cover Orange

Man, going through the “Purchased” section reveals a huge list of supposedly good games that I downloaded (likely while they were free) and pretty much never played.

Puzzle and Dragons
Jet Car Stunt 2
Junk Jack X
Flick Legends
Out of Water
Sword and Poker 2
Little Things
Plague Inc
Ridiculous Fishing
Plasma Sky
Puzzle Grid

Aquaria is good on the iPad. Same dev as Spelunky, right?

I played the free PC version. The thing I remember about Wesnoth is that the campaign is set up so if you don’t have lots of a specific type of unit in a late scenario you’re screwed. I was having a fair amount of fun with it up until that point.

I second Reemul’s recommendation of Junk Jack X. Its great to spend time building, digging etc. a few min. here and a few minute there.

My other go-to games on iOS are:

SuperStickMan Golf 2
Pro Strategy Football
Empire: The Deckbuilding Strategy Game
King of Dragon Pass
Warhammer Quest
New Star Soccer

Just to clarify and not misinform the OP, did you mean Paint it Back? I’m assuming you did, 'cause it’s a great game!

Yes, Paint it Back!


I see the blank grid and I want to paint it back

No colors anymore I want them painted back.
I see the squares lined up all in their columns and rows!
I have to calculate until my painting shows!

Years after its release, I still find myself resetting and replaying Army of Darkness. Also, Ski Safari.

Ya know, I had Candy Crush on my iPhone for those times when you’re waiting for your wife (in many circumstances, LOL!) Then I got Dragon Academy, and for a number of subtle reasons I have become addicted to it.