Good laser printer?

I’m tired of being chained to this inkjet scam. The man has been holding me down too long.

So, with that in mind, anyone got recommends for a decent laser printer? It doesn’t need to be uber, or even new… Basically we don’t do a ton of printing, but when we do, I am SO tired of paying the world for ink, and those refill places do a crappy job.

So is there some older B&W laser that I can get on ebay? Or a decent new one? Is toner available for even the really aged ones?


You can get them on the cheap from dell with a coupon.

I bought a 1600n for about 280 and the thing rocks. Its a multi function one though but their other ones you can get for cheaper.

Seriously though. Dell.

I’ve been touting the virtues of toner vs. ink for more than 7 years now. People are finally starting to listen! :P

I use a Brother 760 DX, upped to a massive 2MB. The thing hasn’t had a single problem in 7 years, and I think I’ve only had to replace the toner twice. I think it cost me $125 CDN after rebates. Compare that to the Canon i860 my wife made me buy to print pictures. That thing sucks ink, and has easily cost me four or five times the original $225 purchase price.

So, I highly recommend the Brother personal laser printers. I have also heard good things about the Samsung units. I would think you shouldn’t have to spend much more than $150 with careful shopping and rebate applications.

We have a very old inkjet printer and I’m thinking of replacing it with a cheap laser printer. It’s an old HP that has a special ethernet dongle that allows it to function as a shared printer on our LAN. Most of the ads that I see for modern low-level printers seem to have USB connections, with no mention of ethernet capability. Is there a way in Windows XP to allow the sharing of a single printer connected via USB to just one machine on the LAN?

I have a Samsung ML-1430 which I am very happy with. Replacement toner cartridges cost around $75 and yield between 2500-3000 pages.

Yep, in the Printers and Faxes control panel, right click on the printer you want to share and click on the Sharing menu item.

Excellent, thank you :)

FYI the dell replacements are 5000 pages for 80.

HP LaserJet 1200. Good PostScript emulation, great print quality, toner lasts forever. Almost as good as the old HP 4.

I can’t give a specific brand recommendation, but I can recommend a good way to get a laser printer.

Look for local places that auction/resell equipment from bankrupt businesses. Business class printers are usually a cut above the stuff targetted at personal use and business surplus equipment can often be had quite cheaply.

I use an Okidata bw laser printer in my house. I paid 30 dollars for the printer, the manual, and a toner refill cartridge thingy that I haven’t even had to open yet.

I bought a cheap Brother 1440 a couple years ago and it’s been flawless.

If you decide to go color, the Minolta Magicolor series are very good (or at least the 2350 EN is/was). But they might be more than you’re wanting to pay.

I love this printer. I’ve actually found the cartridges for $59 and I’m pretty sure I saw the printer on sale for $70 at Office MAx a couple of weeks ago(after rebate of course).

I vote against this (and other cheap Brothers), because it’s sold in the same way as inkjets. They sell you the printer for $99, which is admittedly very cheap for a laserjet.

Then the “free” toner and drum (which offer a severely diminished capacity to normal ones) crap out after 2,000 sheets, and the replacements are $80 EACH.

Compare to HP, where the drum and toner are typically sold as a single assembly and are only abour $60-$70, even branded.

/shrug, I’ve had it for two years and never replaced anything so far. Works for me.

It is probably a great deal for low volume use, yes. I think most of us print a lot less than we think we do. But when I had that Brother, the “sticker shock” on seeing the drum and toner replacement cost was more like “sticker paroxysm of rage”.


I think you are most likely correct, Rob, and if I printed more than I do I would definitely go with a model with cheaper consumables. No argument there.

Then again, I was one of those people who had an NEC laser printer from the early 1990s and in the course of five years of use never replaced the initial toner cartridge :?

I second Christoph on the HP LJ1200 series suggestion. Got myself one about three years ago and it’s been rock-solid so far. They usually offer toner cartridges for like $70-90, but you’ll get them notably cheaper if you search online.


Cheapo ink from the grocery store has the tendency to cost more than fine perfumes. No joke. I guess precious ambergris is not in short supply.