Good livestreams

This thread is for livestreams that are consistently interesting, pretty, calming or otherwise worthy of note.

Here’s two to start:

NASA ISS view. Camera on the ISS, with ambient music backing it up. Occasionally just blackness due to it being night over the ocean or out of communications coverage, but generally lovely. 🌎 LIVE: NASA Live Stream: View Earth from Space (ISS) - YouTube

Danish forest. The property owner puts out a bit of seed from time to time to attract wildlife. Badgers, martens, foxes, racoon dogs and field mice are common sights, along with all kinds of birds. Wildlife in the Forest - Live Camera with sound || fox, badger, marten, deer and birds - Denmark - YouTube

The season is over now, but over summer its fun to watch the bears catch salmon and fatten up for winter!

Ottercam! For the “Relaxing” category.

The owners here run a small network of channels. 50 bits ($0.50) lets you feed the animals. Multiple cameras that can be switched between and reangled - pretty slick setup imo.