Good Lord, Company of Heroes is good

It’s 2 A.M. and I just captured the bridgehead on the way to St. Lo (Mission 8).

I started playing this game last… October? November?.. when it came out. Got up to mission 6 and then NWN2 shipped and I got distracted. And then I got into my open source project and didn’t touch a game (except Crackdown) all year.

Until now. Finally I’m playing this on my new X1950 Pro AGP card and GOOD CHRIST it is beautiful. Can’t… stop… PLAYING. (Well, actually I can; thank God there are separate missions!)

The power of combined arms… the beauty of a point blank Calliope salvo into a Nazi headquarters… the back-and-forth around a town square… the driving a quad-.50-cal halftrack onto the roof of a V-2 base…

I mean, it’s all just SO GOOD. Thank God it sold well enough for them to make a sequel. I just pray they can keep it going, like, forever, because one day this series will be damn near the ultimate wargame… it pretty much is already.

You’ve really been missing out. All the Grand Theft Auto games are like this and you didn’t even know it.

NEW BLOOD! I just finally started a couple of weeks ago. pfreak and a couple others hang out in Semois channel but i only played pfreak a couple times. i’m a bit newbish so must be boring for him

I’ve never played it. Someone want to send me a copy?

I love games that turn out like this. If every game I ever purchased gave me the value I’ve gotten out of Gothic 3 and Titan Quest, I would only have to purchase like 4 games a year, which would save me a lot of money.

wisefool, I don’t play RTS multiplayer. I’m not good enough at the interface; I’m an utter and complete pause-whore; and I’m also an inveterate turtler. ANY human opponent would stomp me into the ground and then laugh, and laugh, and laugh.

Sharp: Titan Quest is on my list… unless Hellgate: London ships first, which it very likely will. I’m going to be taking a break from my personal hacking for a couple of months (focusing more on our impending baby!). When does Hellgate ship, anyway?

If any recent RTS could accommodate your style of play, it would be CoH.

FWIW, this is the closest I’ve come to enjoying an RTS in a while - but that said, it IS an RTS and I wanted it to be more of a wargame. I just don’t enjoy racing the computer on building the right resources the fastest. I’d enjoy the game a lot more if the resource race wasn’t part of the game, i.e. if you both started with all your men and machines up front, with variable reinforcements showing up, etc. - i.e., if it was a wargame instead of an RTS.

However, I am enough of a computer game to realize that it is a VERY good game, venturing into the superb category. Enough so that I still keep it on my PC and every once in a while play again, just to see if I can get into an RTS mood. :)

Jeff, have you played Theatre of War? That sounds like exactly what you’re looking for.

I’m one of the other people that’s in Semois every night for the last couple of weeks. I have played with pfreak several times, but have yet to see anybody else from here recently. My in-game name is “roberdjp”, btw.

1on1 matches are always a different style for me then team games, chances are you’ll have a good chance against me in that. I enjoy Coh because the battles are a bit slower then in most rts games, that gives me enough time to assess the situation and attempt to pull off some tactics. I still haven’t finshed the campaign yet ( I think I’m around mission 8 or 9).

Also the interface is pretty good, and you don’t really need to master the hotkeys due to the speed of the game.

Play competitive multi for a while and the ultimate wargame will seem a lot more like an RTS that has some great ideas, some serious flaws, and poor support from Relic. It drives me bananas because I see a game that could be superb in multi rotting instead. A sizable chunk of the community thinks the same, judging by the Relic and Gamereplays forums.

Two hotkeys I think that are easy and well worth it: T (retreat) and spacebar. I suppose if you use a lot of nade micro the nade key would be a good hotkey as well. I met a couple high level players (9+) that used mouse only, although I suspect they used T. The interface is pretty damn good, and I love the little right-side unit list (having ones for each building might have been good too).

Of all the RTSes I’ve played, I’d agree that CoH would be the easiest for him to adapt to, but even so, that would be a big (possibly very frustrating) leap. CoH multi doesn’t have a pause key, and doesn’t favor turtling. Vire and Lyon could be seen as turtle maps, so I suppose in those map-specific instances CoH encourages turtling, but it’s still not favored. There’s not a lot of interface to be learned, so that part does seem the easiest.

It’s ok Repoman. That’s why i have been enjoying playing with people on this board. Nobody would, for example, save the replay, make a flash presentation highlighting all the bonehead mistakes along with timestamps and cool tooltips.

I mean, i don’t know how to use Shockwave.

Seriously thought, the only RTS i ever enjoyed multiplayer was Age of Empires 1. Used to play on the MSN zone, did pretty good around 1600s rank. When you play a game a lot you can somehow visualize that around THIS time your one chariot can probably harass his woodcutters cause he’s probably still trying to tech up to bronze.

My weak points:

  • overreliance on hotkeys. I group units. When i get to my 9th unit or so I’m at a loss. I’m lefty so it’s much faster to select 1-2-3-4 than 5-9
  • in AI games i turtle. i can’t handle build-up situations. those maps where people block me off the bridges i have no idea how to proceed.

I enjoy 1v1 because you can win in many ways with a zero-sum game. if you can waste 5 seconds to make him waste 30 seconds, you’ve won. you can frustrate your opponent. taunt him. piss him off. appear weak when you’re strong, strong when weak.

erm just in case anyone gets the wrong impression i’m still really new at CoH.

If anyone wants to set up a match, send me a pm here. I tend not to group my units in Coh or maybe have 1 or 2 groups, since there is no limit to the amount of the guys you can select.

With the new patch barb wires won’t trap you as much anymore since now both sides have access to wire cutters from the start with their engineer units.

Also, units within a group can easily be issued individual orders.

WOOT!! I just got called a hacker. That means I am getting better.

Why do people think CoH is poorly supported? Seems like they’re being quite active with the balancing. The 1.6.0 patch has a pile of stuff in it. I’m glad they tweaked the Calliope before I got around to playing mission 8, where the Calliope is totally your trump card :-) Also see above about barb wire cutters from the start for both sides now.

Because it’s poor. An arrogant guy by the handle of HERO, with the heavy assistance of a bunch of top-level players, already created a balance test mod that far better balanced the game, and it was before 1.6. 1.6 is unimpressive. AWM wasn’t fixed. The wire fix is mostly a copout (so much for not implementing symmetrical fixes), and many things are as stupid as before. There are jack-all maps (the new ones are fan created… someone had to do it), and still no 2v2 friend ranked.

To understand, you have to have played the game a fair amount and understand the history of the patches and the community. If you’re not really into multi, and are just giving your initial impressions, then they’re understandably not based on much experience. Many of these players have been sticking with it through thick and thin, trying to help Relic, to the point of balancing the game for them. A lot of the hopes they had were shown pointless with this patch.

Ugh, still no 2v2 friend ranked? I’m surprised the multiplayer community is still going, I gave up after the first month even though I was in the beta for a long time.

I think the game is fun enough that I can play it as it is now, but I do agree that there are balancing issues. Airborne needs to be nerfed a bit in it’s use, such as the fact that the paratroopers can reinforce in enemy territory. The Bar upgrade for riflemen can be devastating if axis can’t reach T3 in time.

Still there are some great moments, such as the callope attack on an enemy location.

Having picked up CoH some time ago, I only really got into the game after getting the same card a couple of months ago. Unfortunately, in addition to the very nice bump in frame rates, I also got regular and catastrophic crashes. The patches did nothing, so I ended up uninstalling it. That was a painful defeat.