Good multiplayer NDS games?

I just saw an ad where someone wanted to sell two DSs as a package. I was thinking I could buy those and give one to my wife, thereby avoiding that annoying “Oh-grow-up-and-get-a-life”-look. But that would only work if I also bought some multiplayer game that we could both enjoy.
I was thinking about Nintendogs, but after reading some reviews, it seems like it is mainly a single-player experience, despite having a multiplayer mode.

Are there any good multi games for the DS?

What DS games do you play with your friends / significant other?

Animal Crossing will be out in December :)

Meteos is phenomenal in multiplayer.

Off the top of my head, Meteos and Puyo Pop Fever are great multiplayer games that you can get. I have Meteos and it has downloadable play, but it is much easier with multiple cartridges.

My favorite DS multiplayer game is Band-Brothers. It’s a music game where each user plays an instrument in a musical piece. With three or more DSs going at once (from one cartridge), everyone playing a part of a larger piece is one of the coolest gaming multiplayer experiences I’ve had. Aside from requiring three or more DSs in one location, the big problem is that it has only been released in Japan and the menus (including song names and instrument names) are nearly inpenetrable to a non-Japanese reader without pages of cheat sheets. It requires a determined effort to play, but I’ve found it to be worth it.



Might as well state the obvious: Advance Wars DS is fun, but slow. Patience and beer are highly recommended when going head to head.

Also: Looking forward to playing the Bleach/Shonen Jump Smash Bros rip-offs with my bro.

Is the gameplay different if you have two cartridges? Or is it just more convenient to have two?

Another question, is the DS prone to losing contact while in a multiplayer game?

For Meteos, the basic gameplay isn’t any different, but with two cartridges you can choose different “characters” (planets) to play as. With one cartridge everyone has to play the same planet.

I’ve never had a disconnect during multiplayer DS games. I typically play in the same room with other people, no more than 15 feet from each other. Not the most challenging wireless network environment; your milelage may vary.

And I totally forgot about Bomberman. Bomberman is awesome.


Nanostray has a weak multiplayer mode.

Mario Kart DS will have awesome multiplayer (played it at E3). I think it comes out in the next month or so.

Meteos is really built for multiplayer. The main reason to play single is to open the planets for multiplayer (and to enjoy the great gameplay while you get there of course). If you have the Metroid Prime: Hunters demo, that also has great multiplayer. I’ve played a lot of that.

I also like the multiplayer in Mr. Driller. I haven’t been able to do that with someone who has the game though, only through download play. It’s fun racing to the bottom of the levels though. :)

Also, RE: Meteos, girls dig it. My wife basically confiscated my DS when I bought the game and I had to get her a DS and the game so I could get mine back.


Meteos is just about the perfect handheld game, if only because of the multiplayer. I have hardly touched Advance Wars or Kirby because there’s always someone wanting to play some Meteos.

Yeah, Meteos really rocks out. I put it aside for awhile so I could play Advance Wars and had finished Kirby before I got it, but I know I’ll be back playing Meteos again real soon.


The only reason I don’t want to get back into Meteos is that I’ll haved to replace my screen protector again.

It is really great multiplayer, yes.

Come come, I play Meteos without protection and the little rascals have yet to leave me scarred.

Draw butts and send them to people in picto-chat.

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