Good offline Android Games?

I’ll be traveling soon so I’m looking for offline Android games. Board game ports, turn based strategy or rpgs, or similar non-action games are good.

Through the Ages sounds perfect. Great boardgame (which is made better by not having to do all the bookkeeping) with reasonably competent AI (a bit of a rarity, sadly). It has local multiplayer if you’re travelling with others.

I don’t really have any other suggestions that match your request, but I feel I should mention Simon Tatham’s Puzzles. A good selection of short (auto-generated) puzzles: perfect if you need something to do for a few minutes and are at all interested in that sort of thing. It’s also both free and ad-free.

Rebel Inc.
Egypt Old Kingdom
Rebuild 3

80 Days
King of Dragon Pass
the Sorcery! series

Flow Free
Desert Golfing


Anything by Kairosoft

Slice & Dice

Any of the Kingdom Rush games

Bloons TD (srsly, they’re excellent games)

Thanks for reminding me about that one! Re-installed.

Thanks for all the suggestions. The four above are great but I don’t think I’ll reinstall them. Off to look at your other suggestions.

I have been dipping my toes into LEATHER:

Pretty interesting, especially if you have any interest in boxing!

I’ve been really liking a newish minimalist puzzle game called The Chronos Principle. It works offline. It’s kind of a sokoban thing where you have to set up past versions of yourself to solve puzzles. Clever and makes you feel clever.

And I believe Baba Is You can be played offline as well, which is an excellent port and one of the best mobile puzzle games ever.

And one of my favorite lesser known Android simulation/puzzle games is Cell Lab, which is free, offline, no ads.

Sentinels of the Multiverse is my usual install on any Android device - Handelabra also has solid ports of Aeon’s End, Spirit Island, One Deck Dungeon.

The Czech Games folks also have a solid port of Galaxy Trucker that has a solid solo campaign - a bit of a different kind of boardgame.

Also, I haven’t played it on Android but Slay the Spire has an Android port

Oh, there’s also this, but maybe, ah, not if you have an addictive personality:

Single player is solid fun. :)

Been meaning to try this out, so I picked it up and ran through the tutorial, then played two games against the learning-level AI. I won them both by less than 5%, so I think I’ve got some more learning to do…

One of my favourite Android games is a Nethack reinterpretation called Wazhack which just recently got a big update. I’m no roguelike aficionado but it’s something I always come back to, even if it’s rock solid. You can play the game for free until 300ft then you have to pay to unlock the rest.

Time only moves when you move so it’s quite strategic. I did this gallery some years back but it illustrates the kinds of wild predicaments you can find yourself in!

Oh yeah, I’ve been enjoying WazHack lately, too.

Citra MMJ and DraStic, along with whatever DS/3DS games you bought but never got around to playing (you can’t go wrong with the Fire Emblem, Etrian Odyssey, Shin Megami Tensei, Zero Escape, Ace Attorney, or Professor Layton series, or dig a bit deeper with Radiant Historia, Crimson Shroud, Culdcept, Pocket Card Jockey, etc.)

Or do a trial of Play Pass. Quite a few options there.

Nice post - One thing I never can find on neither Android nor IOS, are good wargames, which is weird, since it should be a perfect fit. Something like the old SSI wargames would be pretty cool to have.

I was never a DS/3DS person so perhaps I’ll give that a pass for now although I’ll keep it in mind.

I love all of the suggestions. Wargames would be good; it is going to be a 14 hour flight plus a fair amount of driving so I’ll have plenty of time but I wonder how well old wargame UIs would work on my phone.

Wesnoth is available for Android. Not sure how good a port it is, but I think it’s free.

By which rho21 means:

I was just about to post it!

Battle for Wesnoth; I don’t know if I want to dive back into that. I haven’t played ages but I remember it having all of the problems of Panzer General with regards to making sure that the proper units gained XPs but with more randomness making that harder to achieve.