Good offline Android Games?

In terms of wargames, I can’t personally vouch for them since I’m only a dabbler in the genre, but there are quite a few on Android that seem to have decent user reviews.

The most prolific, if you can handle bare bones presentation and interfaces, are John Tiller and DK Simulations, both with dozens of individual titles across various theaters.

Atlantic Fleet and Pacific Fleet are the ones I’ve seen the most praise for as mobile- first wargames, with solid presentation.

And then here are a few more that might be worth a look:

I have not played any of them but this guy’s games are all highly rated:

All of the Enhanced Infinity Engine RPGs are available (Baldur’s Gate, Baldur’s Gate 2, Icewind Dale, Planescape Torment). Also Neverwinter Nights, KOTOR and KOTOR 2.

Also, ScummVM is gearing up for a new release soon that will be spiffing up the Android port, so you can play a ton of adventure games.

Final Fantasy Tactics is pretty great on Android. The touch interface isn’t perfect, but it’s livable and the new localization (and very minor new content) in War of the Lions is just as fabulous as it was originally on PSP.

Titan HD is a solid port of the old Avalon Hill board game. It apparently isn’t supported anymore, but it still works on my newish Android tablet. The AI is not great, but it is better than no Titan at all.

Slay the Spire
Stardew Valley

Cultist Simulator is pretty great on tablet.

But it comes with some baggage.

Pocket city

Yeah, tablet is key. On a phone the text is just too small to decipher for my 40-something eyes.

Yeah, that’s why included that caveat. Last I checked, they didn’t backport any of the touch improvements to Windows, either- It’s just so much better on Android (and I assume IOS).

I thought I might be interested in a wargame but poking around at some of the suggestions left me cold.

At least for now I have
Lone Wolf Saga
Through the Ages
the old Football Manager Mobile 18 (no link - it’s old!)
and The Last Express that has been in my backlog forever

I’ve wishlisted some of the suggestions and I’d be happy to hear more but I’m probably set for now.

Lone Wolf! I read all of those books with a buddy when I was in 5th grade!

One more:
Drill Down is a surprisingly good Factorio-like built for mobile.

Through the Ages is excellent so enjoy!

It is! I thought I was getting better because I beat an “easy” opponent, and then I got stomped by two “tutorial” level opponents, so…

3- and 4-player are fairly similar, but 2-player is very different. So don’t be surprised that what you learned to beat a single opponent doesn’t work so well against multiple opponents.

I’m playing it like I play Civ, which is that I do things that look cool, and then when push comes to shove, I spend a bunch of time optimizing a particular system to try to get out of whatever hole I’m in. Turns out, that works for a computer game but not a board game, because all of a sudden the game ends and you don’t have the VPs!

Nothing special from my suggestion just sudoku
I prefer to play those boring games when I’m on the road to somewhere :D

Thanks for the recommendation, @RustyAxe - I’ve actually never played a Sudoko game, so this is pretty interesting. And welcome to the forums!

You should consider oiling and putting your tools away after use, though.