"Good Old Games"

Locomotion was just released to gog.com. Any good? Also somehow I missed it but Constructor is on gog too. Is that any good? Thanks.

Locomotion was very, very meh. A poor successor to Transport Tycoon.

Constructor, on the other hand, is awesome.

Blue Planet. It’s not quite what you asked for, but I promise it’s exactly what you want.

Yeah, I’ve been told I need to play that one. :) I’ll give it a whirl when I have time.

As Brian mentioned, “A poor successor to Transport Tycoon.” I suggest playing OpenTTD instead.

Right? It’s like someone said, “Okay, what made Transport Tycoon so awesome? Okay, now take all that and break it, muddle it up and make it less fun than before! New game!”

<shameless self promotion> Off topic: The site I talked about launching went live today at Space Game Junkie. I hope you guys like it, and thank you for your support and encouragement, I appreciate it. :) </shameless self promotion> ;)

Where’s your shame, sir!?

Seriously, looks good, hope it goes well. :)

No Megatraveller love on your list, Brian? :<

List isn’t complete yet. Never played those either, but they’re sufficiently spaceshippy, right?

Thanks!! Me too!! :-)

I have no idea if they’re spaceshippy, but I’ve heard them referenced enough to consider trying them out myself. I hope they make it onto your list. :)

edit: sorry, just realized this is the GOG thread.

Speaking of GOG, they just released the Rollercoaster Tycoon 2: Triple Thrill Pack collection, for those that prefer it over the others (I’ve only played RCT3, myself).

That’s another $10 out of my pocket. Keep 'em coming, GOG.

GoG is having a Gamescom sale which includes Jagged Alliance 1 and 2, Realms of Arkania 1-3 and the Battle Isle Platinum pack, which I totally picked up.

And dude, you need to play RCT1 and 2, FAR FAR better than RCT3.

Already mentioned in the bargain thread? The Witcher 2 is $30 this weekend.

Just purchased the Battle Isle package. I remember it fondly. It comes with Incubation as well. Also happy memories. I’d install them but well, World of Tanks.

Quoted for emm-effing truth. What people wanted in RCT3 was RCT1/2 with 3D added on, so we could see our creations first-hand. What we got was something that looked like that 3D RCT, but played much differently due to some weird changes to the gameplay. I’d say this was due to Sawyer not being involved, but then there’s the case of Locomotion… At any rate RCT3 was lacking the fun and charm that made the other two superb.

It also didn’t help that RCT3 ran like ass even on a decent system at release, so the punters who had grown used to playing the earlier games on their 4-year-old PCs with no problems were treated to a jerky mess. I’d imagine it runs well enough on current rigs, but haven’t felt any urge to fire it up to try.

Incubation was the main reason I snagged it too.