Good on-line columnists

I often check this Quarter to Three site. I like the style of the reviews and the absolutely brilliant Shoot Club series.

I know a few other writers who do good on-line columns.

Neil Gaiman’s journal is fun:

John Dvorak does a good weekly article about PC matters:

The science-fiction writer Jerry Pournelle has a slightly more technical, but still chatty, PC column:

For movie reviews I find Roger Ebert worth reading:

Who am I missing?

Please recommend any other witty and readable on-line writers that you often check out.

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Bob Cringely (Ex Infoworld, Narrator of of “Triumph Of The Nerds” on PBS) has a great weekly column about The Internet, etc.

I like Ebert too; I’ve been reading him for well over a decade. (His Movie Home Companion was part of what got me into film in the first place.) I also like Jeffrey Wells’ “Hollywood Confidential” column. It’s currently at but is about to move to, er, or something like that. There’s some interesting reading from time to time at as well.

I have an intense dislike of John C. Dvorak. The kind of seething Sienfield vs. Newman mistrust that can only be borne of years of reading his column.

I use the web to read Dave Barry’s column, now that I no longer live in South Florida and don’t get the Miami Herald. It’s not as consistantly funny as it was back when he won the Pulitzer Prize, but it’s still worthwhile.

Though it’s not a column per se, I should mention Penny Arcade, because I think Tycho’s news rants are usually funnier and more interesting than the strips themselves.

I agree with that comment about PA. The strip is pretty weak (with a few exceptions) but Tycho’s commentaries are interesting.

Quite honestly the rants are the reason why I visit PA. The fact that PA does not have the, as they put it, “dreadful continuity” most other strips aspire to means that there is little reason for regular visits.

The strips are more of the lines of illustrations that go along with the ever-informative and interesting rants.

Here’s my personal favourite from the PA gallery btw.

I enjoy the Media Notes section of the Washington Post. The writer is focuses on different political stories and issues in the media and provides some interesting commentary on them. It’s found in the OnPolitics section of the website and the author is Howard Kurtz.

Oh lord, don’t get me started on Kurtz.

Great comic… definitely one of their best. No time to find it, but the Shenmue one is classic as well.


I’ve never understood Dvorak [1]. He’s so behind the times that my mom is actually more knowledgeable about technology trends. He discovered “blogs” what, last month? Any day now he’ll be thrilled to tell us about this wacky “all your base are belong to us” phenomenon. Next month in his PC Magazine column: web “portals”, Zip drives, DR DOS 5.0 and the Pet Rock.

[1] Well, never got a handle on Qwerty, either. I’m strictly rapid hunt-and-peck.