Good online source for UK pc games?

Anybody know of somewhere in the UK that I can buy games from and have them shipped to the US? Thanks.

I live in the UK and I buy all my games from

They ship to the US for £8UKP postage. Not that this will apply if they’re shipping to the US, but they have the unusual policy of shipping new games so that you receive them the day before they’re officially released. Games always come out on Fridays in the UK, so I got Gothic 2 in the post on Thurs morning.

Thanks, Sam! Not sure what you mean exactly, but I’m checking it out now.

A number of US outfits (like sell UK games. I just picked up the new Warrior Kings, Ghost Master, Gothic 2 and, uh, Robocop from them. You’ll at least save on the shipping. ($5.99 for 2-day FedEx on orders of up to three games.) :)


PS: Anyone know if is still around? (The web site seems to be fried.) But I liked using them because they had a fair amount of older, hard-to-find stuff in inventory.

Thanks, Peter, but I was too quick on the draw. I already ordered from the UK outfit, and I can’t even go in now and cancel since the order won’t be posted until tomorrow. Oh, well.

Thanks for the tip, though. I didn’t know I could get UK titles through GoGamer. I had checked EBGames, but they were still showing a release date of September for Ghost Master, so I just sort of assumed I’d have to go through a UK company to get it.