Good pair of headphones?

I am looking to buy a new pair of headphones with high quality and not very high price. Mainly for gaming and music, with good bass reproduction and clear all around sound.
Any suggestions?

Do you have a preference between open and closed type of Headphoness?

If you don’t mind earphones, I love my Shure E2c but at $60 ish, it’s definitely starting to get pricy.

Yeah, because I am going to use them for many hours a day I would prefer headphones instead of earphones. As for open or closed, in my experience closed type have better sound, so I would say closed.

I prefer closed for at home type of stuff while earphones are good for the gym.

For closed headphones I use Sony’s MDR-V600 which sound great in my opinion. I’ve had them for a few years now and they’re still holding up well.

Read here:

I also have MDR-V600s. They sound great, but I’ve notice that over time (5 years or so), the material that cushions the headphones starts to deteriorate.

Are there any good wireless headphones? I hate messing with the cord.

I’ve had the MDR-600s for a year. I like them.

I will have a look, thanks.

Personally, I like my Sennheiser HD-457’s. They have an amazing range of sound and are very comfortable. Personally, I don’t like headphones that enclose my ears, I prefer headphones that rest on top of my ears. YMMV however.

I use mine at work – where blocking out all sound save that coming from my iPod is definitely desired. I’ve warn the MDR-600s for hours on end without any discomfort – if I use iPod earbuds I’ll be sore in half an hour.

Besides which, iPod phones are muddy as hell. What poor pieces of crap. It seems most everybody wears them, but they do it for fashion, not for sound.

The MDR 600s look very nice. and I am tempted even though they are a bit more expensive than I would like.
I even found the Sennheiser HD 280 as an interesting pair. Almost double the price of the MDR 600 and don’t know if it is even worth it. (If I would even think of getting them that is).

I’ve been using a pair of Sennheiser HD 500s for about 4 years and would recommend them without hesitation.

Koss R/80’s are only like $40-60 USD and carry a lifetime warranty (so if they break Koss will send you a new pair, as long as you register them) and have great bass reproduction. I listen to Drum and Bass music on them at work.

At home I use a pair of Sennheiser HD580’s, though, but they are out of the “affordable” pricerange. ;)

Wouldn’t a Noise Canceling/Isolating Headphone be better in that case though? You probably have to keep your volume higher to drone out the sound otherwise…which may adversely affect your hearing

Yes, noise canceling is good but it doesn’t work very well for short sharp spikes of very loud noise (I’ve heard). It does well for getting rid of a dull hum or murmur, or other types of constant background noise. Probably can’t hurt though…

OK, just had them delivered. Good sound so far, I will need to further test them.
Thank you all for your suggestions.