Good PDAs for gaming?

Hi guys, I need to buy a PDA. It´s for work as I´m starting to travel more around the world and my free time have dissapeared with my increase of work. Need something to organizate myself, and to put e-mails, text, web pages and so.

But, if it´s good for gaming, nice. So I would like to ask, first, what I have to play on a PDA (Java games, mame… I really have no idea). And second, what is the best one to play (take on count that I want a “cheap” one, about 250-300, and that I don´t live in USA so don´t have some of that crazy second hand offers you have).

I would have liked to buy a Zodiac, but they don´t serve out of U.S.A, so one client less for them…

I´m almost done at my choice (between e350 or e330 of Toshiba). Any feedback would be great, and suggestions are welcome.

Would like to know what SD card would be enough to work without problems, 32 or 64? And finally, would love if someone knows the difference between Pocket PC 2002 Profesional and “not professional”.

Thanks a lot.

Toshiba e300 series stinks for games. The D-pad isn’t responsive enough – you’d be stuck with stylus games.

You’d have a lot better choices if your price range was $400 instead of $300.

You really want an iPAQ. Not the h1910/1915 or h1930 – too slow for games. The h1940’s okay for games, and it’s got a great form factor. Not as fast as the 300/400MHz XScale units, though.

If you want a Pocket PC for gaming, I’d really suggest you wait three more weeks to make a decision. That’s all I can say on that…

If you don’t mind a smaller selection of “modern” games (ie: more puzzles and arcade stuff, since the game developers are only now transitioning to Palm OS 5 and doing stuff like RTS games), the Palm Tungsten E or Sony Clie TJ35 will only run you $200 or $250 and will run all the latest hi-res games. And I like the Palm OS a lot better on the organizer side of things. Way less cumbersome.

Or just get someone in the USA to get you a Zodiac. :-)

Oh… PPC “Professional” is just includes some network stuff like VPN support, I believe. Just be sure to get a PPC 2002 or 2003, or Palm OS 5.x, unit and you’ll be fine.

Thank you a lot, but for some reason, Ipaqs are really expensive in Spain.

The H1940 is 425 Euros without taxes, when the e330 is 259 without taxes (and is 300 Mhz with 64 Mb of RAM).

And is more for work that for other thing, so I can go with unresponsible controls.

If you want a Pocket PC for gaming, I’d really suggest you wait three more weeks to make a decision. That’s all I can say on that…

I´m really curious about that sentence, that is for Zodiac?

I also would like something that is fully compatible with XP, that is why I´m more confindent with an OS of MS with it (but I have no idea of how work Pal OS with XP).

A Palm OS device works just as well as a Microsoft device. The software is different, that’s all.

Despite the fact that its a “PC” from “Microsoft”, there’s no real software compatiblity between a PocketPC and Windows 95/98/2000/XP whatever machine. Different processor architecture and all that. Pocket Word, Pocket Excel, whatever, all have analogs for PDAs (like Documents To Go), sometimes coming with the PDAs themselves.

PocketPCs have generally been more powerful (and expensive) than Palms, so you can find a better selection of games on them.

Aha, thanks.

Just one question, are Pocket Outlook (or the equivalent with Palm) compatible with Outlook at XP?. That is, can I connect the system to the PC and download mails from it?

I think Pocket Outlook can sync with newer versions of Outlook as well as connect directly to a POP server.

It probably can’t sync mail with Outlook Express (which, despite the fact that its like the most popular email program ever, is no longer being developed by Microsoft).

Is that Zodiac Tapwave thing considered a PDA? It says on the website that it comes with some sort of word processor, but I don’t know how powerful it is, or how is functions with word files.

Still, looks great for games.

Any suggestions for a guy that just got a Palm m130 (OS 4.x)?

Games? Essential programs? Customization thingies?

Well, golly.

Games? Essential programs? Customization thingies?

You should definitely get the Launcher III from Benc. Makes accessing, organizing, beaming and deleting applications way easier. As for games, I’d recommend looking for Astraware’s Asteroids. It’s not officially available anymore due to trademark conflict (who’d have thought that…), but should still float around at various places in the 'net. Very nice Astroids clone. Atelier ported Sim City. $29.95, but if you played and loved the original Sim City you definitely want to have the portable version of it. Runs also greyscale despite the colour screenies.

Apart from that simply take some time and browse FreewarePalm.

Nope. Some Pocket PC developments are going to be announced within the next few weeks. Alas, due to NDAs I can say no more…

Those prices are outragous on the PPCs… Yow. Even the Toshibas you’re looking at are only $140 (refurbished) or $175 (new) here.

I also would like something that is fully compatible with XP, that is why I´m more confindent with an OS of MS with it (but I have no idea of how work Palm OS with XP).

Well, just stop thinking that way right now. :-) You’d be surprised to know that the Palm OS sync software is FAR less troublesome than Microsoft’s own ActiveSync, whether you’re using XP or anything else. (Many people have no problems with either, but ActiveSync has a decent list of long-running bugs such as suddenly losing the ‘partnership’ with your handheld… Bugs mentioned back at version 3.1 and still not fixed at 3.7.)

Yeah, the 128MB version is actually the most powerful Palm OS PDA available. (Palm’s most expansive unit has only 64MB.) The PDA specs are very similar to Palm’s new $399 Tungsten T3, but along with Palm OS 5, Bluetooth, etc., it also has a pair of expansion slots – the Palms only have one.

Tapwave is making a mistake in not emphasizing in its marketing that along with being a great game handheld, the Zodiac is also a top-end PDA that can hold its own against anything Sony or Palm offers.

Must-have games for a Palm OS 4 handheld:

Bejeweled ( – fantastic puzzle. Other good Astraware games are Zap!2000, Book Worm, Insanaquarium, WhatWord, Text Twist, and Atomica

Kingdom ( – Civilization for the Palm!

Vexed ( – addictive freeware puzzle game

Scrabble ( – if you like word games, they did a fantastic job on this.

Spaceward Ho (get it at – the old Mac 4X space conquest game.

On the Utility/Productivity front, I like ZLauncher as a program launcher. SplashPhoto’s the best picture display app. If you want to do wireless email, get SnapperMail and buy a cable to connect your m130 and your cell phone from

Denny, what do you think about the new Palm Tungsten E? It looks like it might be something nice to upgrade my old m505 with. I’d love a T3, but I don’t think my budget would support one. :?

The Tungsten E looks really nice. It essentially does everything the original Tungsten T (which shipped last fall at $499) did except for Bluetooth (and it lacks a cradle, using a cable instead), but costs just $199.

Palm has a great new wireless keyboard out now that works with all the Palm OS handhelds (including Sony and Tapwave) I’ve tried it with. And it works with Pocket PCs too, using the latest driver from Nice solution, since it’s not tied to a specific PDA’s sync port.

The keyboard’s at – I wish the phpBB people would fix the stupid URL tag.

palm, get tapwave zodiac

pocket pc, get asus 620 (psx emu works good on it, fastest ppc, good dpad)

There’s a PSX emulator for the Pocket PC?

Geez. I can just barely run a SNES emulator on my h1945.

My boss bought our office all new Blackberry 7230s (the color units with the cute new casing). It’s great for email and the web and all, but I, like many others on this thread, am looking for something more entertaining than the included “Breakout!” game.

I’ve searched the web, and have come up with some nice freeware card (etc) games, but nothing spectacular. Since the BB runs a standard Java API, I was wondering if anyone had any open source suggestions for the environment…something I could tinker with the BB SDK and adapt.

There is a great free space (MoO-esque) TBS being developed at called X3.

Check out the board at

There is a great programmer working on it and a community making suggestions that sometimes get incorporated in a matter of days. Instead of a royal mess, each version is exponentially better than the previous one.

morphgear (the non-free swissarmy knife emu) now runs snes at 60fps on most xscale machines, even those plauged by the horrid mediaQ chip. AND the snes module is actually free. There are better emus for every other mchine it emulates, so that works out nicely.

The psx emu (by a different guy) is moving along faster(though it started later), this is the 2nd release and some games are playable, especially on that asus. A dell axim can swing 15-20 fps depending on game, the asus can do full speed on some. They are still working on it of course, so it’s only going to get better, but I did see some mention that the psx one should be easier to get to full speed than the snes one, not sure of the reason.

You do need to strip down your playstation images unless you have huge cf/sd cards. It is pretty amazing how well it works though. I do wish parodius worked better.

Oh and the majority of snes and psx games are a bit of a pain due to lack of buttons. RPGs and such where you dont need twitch skills are best.

GBC/gamegear/genesis/tg16 games tend to be more fun and playable on a pocketpc. has links to the psx dealie on their newspage I think, and has morphgear.

Also, OT & FYI, if you have WM2003 instead of ppc2002 on your device, you can ditch divx, *.wmv is actually viable for movies and tv shows in wm2003, ms movie maker 2 (free) is all you need to convert any video you have to .wmv with presets that get it to pocketpc sizes. I hated windows media on my ppc2002 device, but it is really smooth now and filesizes are smallish for the quality you get (120-150 mb for a full screen 2 hour movie)