Good place for cheap sunglasses?

I used to get them at, high-quality glasses at great prices, but they don’t carry Serengetis now. Anyone have some other spots for high-quality, low-cost sunglasses?


old navy /shrug
I havent paid over 20 bucks for a pair in a long time. Last time I did I had tome stolen so fuck that.

I lose them or sit on them, or in some other form abuse them, so expensive sunglasses are not for me. I just get mine at Winners.

I was like that for years, but I finally bucked up and bought a pair of Native Eyewears (which I love so very, very much. I would have sex with them if only they had a lubricated port of some kind).

Admittedly, they were a hundred bucks, but they have a lifetime replacement guarantee, which covers everything except loss or theft. So, you know, watch your shit. Considering I destroyed probably a half dozen pairs of cheap sunglasses over the years, I think this will actually work out to be cheaper in the long tem.

Something to consider.

That’s the thing, Campmor had good stuff, Serengetis, Nikon, etc. for 20-40$. It’s not looking so good now, so I was trying to find someone else who had similar deals. is the closest I’ve found, but it’s still 40% higher than Campmor was.